Aurum Solutions is a specialist in automatic reconciliation software. All of our clients in the legal sector use our GroupIT application to undertake their bank reconciliations.

The Law Society requires that practices reconcile all bank accounts which contain client money at least once every five weeks. However, good governance means that many practices reconcile their bank accounts much more frequently. Irrespective of how frequently bank accounts are reconciled, it can be a laborious, tedious, time-consuming and costly routine which, however essential, may occasionally slip in deference to more pressing matters. GroupIT is easily configured and integrated with any downloaded banking statement format and, of course, LexisNexis applications.

GroupIT will manage any type of reconciliation process, together with the associated resolution of exception items, and incorporates facilities such as user-defined matching rules, full audit, user management, historical reporting and enquiries, etc. Whilst most practises utilise it for automating their client and office bank reconciliations, GroupIT can undertake any type of reconciliation and it will manage any process wherever there is a need to match and compare data irrespective of what it is or where it comes from.

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