DocsCorp, a global software company, provides a range of software tools to enable government departments, in-house legal counsel and law firms to share critical information in a format that is safe, secure, complies with industry standards and is universally readable. 

The pdfDocs Solutions Suite streamlines workflow and increases productivity by integrating into the applications and systems document and case management professionals use on a daily basis: applications such as MS Office, MS SharePoint and LexisNexis VisualFiles. Integration with LexisNexis VisualFiles enhances business efficiency, productivity and workflow, providing users with PDF creation and management (collation, file splitting, redaction, bates stamping), document comparison (Word-to-Word, PDF-to-PDF and Word-to-PDF), form creation and editing, metadata management, OCR imaging and Court Bundling capability.

Over a dozen local UK councils use the Court Bundling solution in conjunction with LexisNexis VisualFiles to overcome the frustration of manually importing and collating large volumes of case-relevant documentation into bundles and then formatting and indexing them for electronic presentation and printing.DocsCorp has more than 3,500 clients worldwide using its software on a daily basis.

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