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Lexis® InterAction® Engagements

Improve client service and business development initiatives.

Lexis® InterAction® Engagements

In professional services firms, information about past engagements is vital in helping them improve client service and business development initiatives. But harnessing the organisation’s collective experience and expertise is typically a challenge at the majority of firms.

Lexis InterAction Engagements provides a comprehensive view of past engagements directly to professionals.

Recording and collecting information about past engagements, and combining it with the relationship intelligence that already exists in Lexis InterAction, gives you a powerful knowledge source on which to base decisions.

With Lexis InterAction Engagements you can improve business development processes by tracking important information about referrals, competitors and reference work.

Enhance new client and cross-selling initiatives, for example by using information about previous engagements to assemble stronger and more experienced pitch teams.

Win more new business by analysing the contacts involved in successful engagements and their roles within those engagements.

Streamline day-to-day, engagement-level communications, with quick and easy distribution list management and maintenance.

With Lexis InterAction Engagements, professional services firms have a single tool for leveraging their collective experience, expertise and relationship intelligence to improve client service and business development.