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Lexis®InterAction® IQ

Identify and strengthen relationships and improve business development.

Lexis® InterAction® IQ

Whatever business development activities you put in place, relationships are still the best way of expanding and growing your business. So how can you make sure you capitalise on them in your organisation?

Lexis InterAction IQ - a powerful tool for identifying and strengthening relationships and improving business development.

Lexis InterAction IQ takes relationship management to the next level by using quantifiable data - such as emails, phone calls, meetings and other items - to calculate relationship strength. As a result, it helps you:

  • Improve business development initiatives by uncovering previously unrecognised relationships and contacts
  • Build better relationships by identifying personnel with the strongest relationships to provide the best service to clients
  • Improve service by ensuring clients are supported by the team members that are most familiar to them
  • Improve annual business planning by using quantifiable data to plan key client initiatives
  • Protect major clients by identifying the relationships to support if a key member of your team leaves.

InterAction IQ promotes better decision making by turning relationship management from an art into a science.