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InterAction® 6.2 

Speaking the Language of Business

Lexis® InterAction® 6.2

The new package offers several enhancements to the overall user experience … whether the user is  a professional building personal connections, a marketing team working on the latest communication outreach from the firm, or a data steward looking after the quality and accuracy of multiple contacts.

Some of the highlights that will help the whole firm keep a sharper focus on relationships as a business priority involve:

  • Capabilities for Multi-Language Contacts
  • Features and performance enhancements with InterAction for Microsoft Office

Multi-Language Contacts

Firms and individuals addressing the global marketplace or supporting clients in dual-language regions will quickly appreciate the value of this new capability. Now you can create and edit contact records in multiple languages, or easily use your preferred local language to do the same. That language preference also carries over to handling contact searches and generating lists. To minimise the risk of duplications in a multi-language environment, the 6.2 software contains provisions that reinforce a single, unified contact record based primarily on email address information. You can have multiple activities, profiles and relationship details in different languages … all of which align with a single, unified contact record.

More for IMO (InterAction® for Microsoft® Outlook®)

By offering a direct integration between InterAction and Outlook, IMO has delivered ease-of-use and productivity gains to the desktop of every individual at the firm. The story gets even better with InterAction 6.2 in a couple of notable ways. First, the software supporting IMO has undergone a major review to simplify the code and improve quality. As a result, users should notice faster and more efficient performance overall. Importantly, the changes also have created a more stable and reliable platform for future enhancements on the development plan. Second, there’s a new contact-filtering option added to the feature set. The “My Co-Workers Who Know This Person” capability allows users to easily identify colleagues who are most likely able to offer insights, introductions or relationship details about a business development contact you’re pursuing.

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