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Lexis® InterAction for Law Firms

Discover the relationship intelligence residing in the depths of your firm.

Lexis® InterAction® for Law firms

As law firms expand it becomes increasingly hard to keep sight of the intricate relationships between clients, lawyers and third party contacts. As a result, it can become difficult to identify new opportunities that will drive continued growth.

Lexis InterAction for Law Firms keeps you up to date with client and prospect relationships no matter how big you grow.

  • Maximise the value of your network of relationships by integrating information from internal and external systems 
  • Exceed service expectations by being better informed about client and prospect activities across the firm
  • Improve business development and marketing with focused and relevant communications

In addition, with Lexis InterAction for Law Firms you not only benefit from stronger relationships, you also gain greater control of your data.

Easy to use

“I recommend InterAction because it is easy to use. It is integrated with Outlook, which means everybody in the firm can see who we are in touch with and what we are doing.”

Terry Renouf, Partner, Berrymans Lace Mawer.


Empowering users…to another level

InterAction has empowered users with real-time information on contacts, relationships and the majority of client-related matters. InterAction® for Microsoft® Outlook® (IMO), has taken the value of CRM as a key business discipline at Farrer & Co to another level.

Olga Christofi, Marketing Systems Manager at Farrer & Co.


InterAction blows other CRM systems away!

"InterAction blows other CRM systems away! The functionality available for lawyers and PAs is outstanding, especially the seamless integration with Outlook. InterAction gives us the ability to gather intelligence around complex relationships and marketing activities such as mailings and meetings with clients and has a robust enhanced reporting platform. It gives Business Development huge back end efficiency gains!"

Sarah Parker, CRM Systems Manager, Shoosmiths.


A deeper understanding of clients and revenue streams.

“We now have a deeper understanding of our clients, revenue streams and what marketing activity leads to what outcome. Accurate information drive effective decision making. Even more importantly we can communicate more effectively with our clients and referral partners as we understand every point of contact and how and when to reach out to them.”

Dawn McEwen, Business Development Director, Davenport Lyons.


Streamline processes. Revolutionise the management of client relationships.

“LexisInterAction has allowed us to streamline a lot of our processes and has revolutionised the way we manage our client relationships.It has allowed us to report back on marketing activity to the partnership, and saves us a huge amount of time. Our turnover has increased significantly over the years and I believe InterAction has played a part in that.”

Helen Thornhill, Director of Business Development, SJ Berwin LLP.


Accuracy and ease of use.

“Of all the thousands of invitations to events and client communications we have sent out since we cleaned up our data, we have had just one invitation returned because of incorrect contact details. That’s as close to 100 per cent accurate as it’s possible to get.” 

Kathryn Lee, Marketing Director, Simpson Grierson.

“We decided to choose LexisInterAction for two main reasons – it’s ease of use, and because it was specifically designed for law firms.”

Shane Robb IT Service Manager Simpson Grierson.


Unrivalled management of client relationship data. 

“First, given our rapid growth, scalability was important to us. Arriving at a single instance of a contact in the database also was crucial. We liked LexisInterAction’s ability to guard against duplicate records. In addition, the system’s ability to manage relationships was unrivalled. And finally, InterAction’s leading position in the marketplace was persuasive. It’s already been selected by many of the top law firms in the UK.”

Nicola Webb, E-Business Director, Osbourne Clarke.


The support we receive from LexisNexis is excellent

“The support we receive from LexisNexis is excellent post project we have a client advisor and the technical support team, over the many months we have attended client specific events in particular Tech Ed in London, this session is an opportunity for us to meet clients and build relationships but also to meet the Professional Services and technical support teams face to face, get hints and tips but also see what is possible and what other InterAction users are doing,  we find these events and support invaluable.

Marie Seem Sørli, CRM Manager, Wiersholm



Maximise the value of your network of relationships

Deliver information throughout your firm, immediately and intuitively, with little need for training.

  • Quickly aggregate data from client profiles, matters, notes and activities
  • Simplify the process of gathering up-to-date information by seamlessly integrating with Microsoft® Outlook®, including calendar integration and activity logging
  • Easily integrate with time and billing, human resources, accounting and external systems to gain greater insights into client relationships
  • Map the subtle relationships between clients, prospects and lawyers to uncover new opportunities

Exceed service expectations

Strengthen client retention by keeping employees at every level fully informed of activities.

  • Increase confidence and productivity by providing lawyers with a 360º view of each client and prospect
  • Automatically inform all those who need to know when someone interacts with or updates information about a client
  • Make sure employees have the information they need to respond immediately and appropriately to customers’ requests

Improve business development and marketing

Grow and develop your business more intelligently.

  • Leverage who and what employees know to uncover new revenue opportunities
  • Use relationship intelligence to target marketing campaigns more effectively
  • Understand and maximise referral and cross-sell opportunities
  • Use existing contacts to extend relationships across geographies

Gain greater control of data

Spend less time implementing your solution and more time utilising it to grow your business.

  • Use powerful data quality and change management tools to help ensure the integrity and accuracy of data
  • Reduce the time and cost of data administration
  • Use enhanced security features to selectively share information about contacts, without compromising privacy or confidentiality

InterAction ‘Pick and Mix’ training courses

The Pick and Mix approach ensures you receive the training you need in small digestible sessions with a consultant from the Professional Services team. Each course lasts 90 minutes and can be delivered remotely or via a classroom environment, up to four courses can be consumed in one day and users can 'pick and mix' the courses they require.

For more information:

Contact: The Professional Services Team  Download: The InterAction Pick and Mix Brochure

InterAction support website

Customers have access to the InterAction support website which can be accessed through the US portal - here (username & password required). 

Dedicated Professional Services & Support

For any other advice or support, please contact our dedicated Professional Services Team who can help you maximise the value of your system.

For more information; 

Please e-mail: The Professional Services Team  Call: +44 (0) 113 226 2065 


Client Advising Services

We know that business success requires a continuing partnership between supplier and client. Innovative technology and world-class helpdesk support are only part of the story.
That’s why we offer free-of-charge Client Advising Services to customers of our CRM, practice management and workflow tools.

For more information on our Client Advising Services:

Please e-mail: The Client Advising Team