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Lexis® InterAction for Private Equity

Discover the relationship intelligence residing in the depths of your firm.

Lexis® InterAction® for Private Equity

In the competitive deal-making market place, the most successful private equity firms are those that can leverage their relationships to greatest effect, whether it be uncovering potential new investors and deals or executing complex transactions like private placements, leveraged buyouts and IPOs. The challenge they face is accessing all the information that is held in disparate databases and spreadsheets.

Lexis InterAction for Private Equity provides instant access to the wealth of relationship and deal intelligence in your firm.

  • Maximise the value of your network of relationships to give yourself an edge over the competition
  • Operate smarter and faster by being better informed about deal and investor activity
  • Manage activities and investor relationships more effectively.

Dynamic and adaptive

“InterAction helps us uncover relationships that we couldn’t readily find before. All of our intelligence is now in a dynamic, adaptive system.”

Michael McNeil, first Vice President & Director of Information Technology, Baird Capital Markets

A true relationship management tool

“InterAction is not just a directory of contacts, it is a true relationship management tool. It enables every member of staff to leverage their individual network, provides visibility of inter­-relationships, and facilitates continuous improvement in service delivery to clients, all of which are geared towards business growth”.

Clive Bawden, Business Development Director, Catalyst

Enable a collaboration process

“We really wanted to enable the collaboration process. That’s one of the things we didn’t do with our previous software.”

Dan Stroot, Chief Technology Officer, Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management

Maximise the value of your network of relationships

Leverage who and what you know to uncover and close more deals

  • Quickly centralise information about potential investors, such as key relationships, conversations and correspondence, investment preferences and past deals
  • Uncover potential investors and deals by accessing a 360º view of each contact
  • Map the subtle relationships between contacts to identify strategic relationships that can be used to gain competitive advantage
  • Allocate the right people and skill sets to deals by identifying critical relationships and past deal experience

Operate smarter and faster

Keep all deal contacts up to date, on track and operating efficiently.

  • Simplify the process of gathering and sharing up-to-date information through integration with Microsoft® Outlook®, including calendar integration and activity logging
  • Quickly incorporate information from fund accounting systems and third party information sources such as Investran® and Netage®
  • Track investment and investment options, report on all phases of due diligence and collect a complete history of deals for use in future prospecting

Manage activities and communications more effectively

Keep investment and portfolio teams informed about fund raising activities, conversations and transactions with potential investors

  • Automatically inform all those who need to know when someone interacts with or updates information about an investor portfolio contact or intermediary
  • Integrate with mobile devices to keep employees up to date while out on the road
  • Use sophisticated search and reporting functionality to enhance productivity and identify potential target firms
  • Quickly assemble and distribute quarterly reports and investor communications

Gain greater control of data

Spend less time implementing your solution and more time utilising it to grow your business.

  • Use powerful data quality and change management tools to help ensure the integrity and accuracy of data
  • Reduce the time and cost of data administration
  • Use enhanced security features to selectively share information about contacts, without compromising privacy or confidentiality
  • Provide the information employees need anywhere, anytime with secure Internet access

InterAction ‘Pick and Mix’ training courses

The Pick and Mix approach ensures you receive the training you need in small digestible sessions with a consultant from the Professional Services team. Each course lasts 90 minutes and can be delivered remotely or via a classroom environment, up to four courses can be consumed in one day and users can 'pick and mix' the courses they require.

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Contact: The Professional Services Team  Download: The InterAction Pick and Mix Brochure

InterAction support website

Customers have access to the InterAction support website which can be accessed through the US portal - here (username & password required). 

Dedicated Professional Services & Support

For any other advice or support, please contact our dedicated Professional Services Team who can help you maximise the value of your system.

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Client Advising Services

We know that business success requires a continuing partnership between supplier and client. Innovative technology and world-class helpdesk support are only part of the story.
That’s why we offer free-of-charge Client Advising Services to customers of our CRM, practice management and workflow tools.

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