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Designed specifically for law firms, and powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX.  


The legal profession is in a state of flux. Alternative business structures are increasing competition. Clients are demanding greater transparency and value, as well as alternative fee structures such as fixed, capped and success fees.

You can’t stand still. You have to decide which business model you will adopt. Perhaps you will compete in the commoditised service market, specialise in specific sectors or adopt another model entirely. But the truth is, whichever you choose, you cannot afford your business and practice management to be anything other than exemplary.

Specifically designed for law firms, LexisOne goes beyond traditional practice management software, providing the capabilities you need to succeed in the new business environment.

  • Achieve higher quality service by maintaining excellent communications and proactively managing costs
  • Deliver greater value for money through more accurate estimating, improved control, optimised resourcing and flexible invoicing
  • Make more informed decisions with sophisticated but easy to use tools for performance measurement
  • Optimise productivity and lower costs with lean, efficient processes that are specifically designed for law firms.

At the same time get a system that is built on the solid foundation of readily available Microsoft® technologies. So it is has the flexibility to evolve in the future as you do.

Achieve high quality service

Differentiate your firm and increase client loyalty through flexible services and high customer satisfaction levels.

  • Ensure clearer and more accurate communications with a single source of financial information about clients and matters
  • Collaborate more effectively by integrating LexisOne with familiar applications like Microsoft Outlook®, Excel®, Word®, Lync® and SharePoint®
  • Proactively budget and manage the progress of matters against expectations
  • Easily track performance with role-based dashboards and personalised KPIs
  • Consistently measure client satisfaction using easy-to-create and deploy questionnaires

Deliver greater value for money

Maintain profit levels while accommodating alternative fee arrangements.

  • Estimate more accurately using powerful business analysis tools
  • Gain detailed control of agreements by accurately tracking financial and non-financial undertakings
  • Streamline the recording, reconciliation and processing of time and expenses against matters and sub matters
  • Optimise your use of resources by assigning the most appropriate skill sets to matters
  • Accommodate alternative fee arrangements with a comprehensive, highly flexible range of invoicing options

Make more informed decisions

Analyse and understand the revenues and costs associated with each type of matter, precisely.

  • Produce reports quickly and easily using familiar tools like Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Reporting Services and Management Reporter
  • Gain greater insights by combining business and matter information, without the need for IT’s involvement
  • Fully justify client fees, with detailed invoice breakdowns that show exactly how fees have been calculated
  • Simplify compliance with a complete financial audit trail and out-of-the-box best practices for conflict checking and anti-money laundering

Optimise productivity and lower costs

Equal and exceed the best practices in place at new market entrants.

  • Streamline activities and improve productivity with integrated matters and business management processes
  • Provide easily customisable dashboards that provide employees with their own KPIs and outstanding activities
  • Reduce paper-based processes with automated electronic workflows and authorisations
  • Improve teamwork and communications by creating collaboration workspaces where employees can organise and share information

Create a solid foundation

Enable fast adoption now and greater flexibility in the future with a solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • Get users up and running fast with a solution that looks and works like the Microsoft Office® applications they are used to
  • Streamline the working environment by integrating LexisOne with other Microsoft productivity applications
  • Be confident future developments will meet your requirements, with both Microsoft and LexisNexis working to improve the system