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Lexis® Visualfiles

Dramatically increase firm efficiency and profitability through the automation of processes and tasks.

Lexis® Visualfiles™

Flexible case and matter management is essential to deliver efficient, effective and responsive legal services that will maintain customer loyalty, contain costs, optimise your use of resources and, as a result, maintain profitability.

Visualfiles is the most widely used case and matter management system in the UK, with more than 25,000 registered users in firms ranging from 5 to well over 1,000 employees successfully using the system.

The success of Visualfiles is founded on a comprehensive case and matter management platform that enables you to streamline legal and business processes.

  • Increase productivity by managing cases, matters and documents more efficiently
  • Improve visibility and control with a single point of reference
  • Increase flexibility with easy customisation and integration with existing systems
  • Enable sharing of data, documents and activities between team members.
  • Integrate with other line of business systems

Any Visualfiles investment is protected because you can scale and enhance your system to meet your evolving requirements.

A partnership led approach

"Through this project, we have experienced first-hand the value of a partnership-led approach to successful IT deployment...there is a mutually trusted and cohesive working relationship between Lamport Bassitt and LexisNexis, which is delivering positive results for both parties."

Heidi Simpson, Chief Operating Officer, Lamport Bassitt.

More streamlined, efficient and cost effective

"LexisVisualfiles will enable us to greatly enhance the case management capabilities delivering benefits both internally and externally. It will also allow us to standardise processes across the board, which long term will result in the legal department becoming more streamlined, efficient and cost effective."

Andy Carlile, Practice Manager, Metropolitan Borough of Bury.


Bates Wells & Braithwaite Save £100,000 with LexisNexis Solution

"This has already had a valuable result, aside from the more efficient working practices that the system is enabling - the firm's annual professional indemnity premium has been reduced by £100,000"

Peter Bennett, Partnership Executive Officer, Bates, Wells & Braithwaite.


Delivering 21st Century Legal Services Using LexisNexis Visualfiles

"The possibilities are endless and there is still a lot left in the LexisNexis Visualfiles technology for us to exploit. We are very pleased with our progress so far. We have created a modern working environment, improved the productivity of staff and department alike, seen visible operational efficiency gains, enhanced the quality of our services and given our staff the necessary flexibility to facilitate a good work-life balance – all enabled by LexisVisualfiles."

Gerard Kamath, Business Manager of Legal Services at Lambeth Council.



Increase efficiency and productivity

Automate and streamline case and matter tasks and processes.

  • Quickly add case plans as and when required
  • Reduce errors and omissions with uniform processes and single data entry
  • Ensure important tasks and deadlines are not overlooked with failsafe checks and alerts
  • Automate even the most complex processes, including application-to-application communications
  • Automatically compile complex documents, forms, emails and faxes utilising case data and user prompts
  • Set up repeatable tasks that can be allocated to lower cost resources and free up fee earners to undertake more complex activities and generate more revenue

Improve visibility and control

Deliver a 360º view of legal matters, including documents, emails, times, key dates, related parties and financial information

  • Integrate Visualfiles with multiple applications, for example email, document scanning, document and records management, CRM and finance, to provide a single point of access and reduce data duplication problems
  • Standardise processes to ensure quality of service and compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Allow supervisors to monitor and control processes across teams
  • Easily search cases and matters for emails, documents and other information
  • Monitor the value of Work in Progress (WIP) using flexible time recording options
  • Manage and report on performance using user-definable indicators, such as caseload distributions, WIP and cost projections
  • Deliver accurate conflict checking through fast access to case related data such as internal departments, personnel, and other parties and people
  • Proactively manage Service Level Agreements to exceed client expectations

Gain ultimate flexibility

Easily adapt the system to match the way you work, today and in the future.

  • Develop powerful workflows that support your legal and business processes with easy-to-use development tools
  • Easily adapt any processes to support evolving market and regulatory requirements
  • Enable mobile and remote working with web-based access. Alternatively, enable offline working using a downloadable “briefcase‟

Protect your investment

Adopt a solid foundation that can be easily extended and expanded as business requirements change.

  • Add additional components as needed, such as operational risk management, compliance, online access, scanning, integrated know-how and dynamic performance dashboards
  • Deliver benefits through incremental change that encourages user acceptance and reduces the risk of overspending
  • Reduce training and deployment times as Visualfiles has a familiar look and feel for all solutions, or it can be delivered from inside Microsoft Outlook

LexisNexis are dedicated to helping customers achieve and maintain their competitive advantage by providing the highest quality customer support services available. Our highly skilled in-house and on-site support staff are here to ensure the success of every LexisNexis implementation.

Professional & Support Services

LexisNexis offer a full range of professional and services to help you maximise the value of your system. We have a skilled and dedicated support team providing you with the service and assistance you need to keep ahead in a constantly changing market. 

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Client Advising Services

We know that business success requires a continuing partnership between supplier and client. Innovative technology and world-class helpdesk support are only part of the story.

That’s why we offer free-of-charge Client Advising Services to customers of our CRM, practice management and workflow tools like Project Nimbus, LexisInterAction and LexisVisualfiles.

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