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Lexis® Visualfiles for Local Authorities

 Ensuring legal teams in Local Authorities are as effective as they can be. 

Lexis® Visualfiles for Local Government

With the legal teams in Local Government increasingly being judged on “best value” and under constant pressure to deliver more for less, you need to make sure you are as effective and efficient as possible.

A wide range of organisations, from small district councils to large county councils and shared service organisations use Visualfiles to help them deliver best value services to their clients. 

Customers include well-known names such as Essex County Council, Cardiff County Council, Cherwell District Council, Derby City Council, Haringey Council, Lambeth Council, Norfolk County Council and Warwickshire County Council. Visualfiles supports all their legal service activities including, contract management, child care, debt recovery, and highways and byways general legal work. 

In addition to the comprehensive, out-of-the-box features, many organisations are using Visualfiles to add functionality such as matter inception and case tracking, integrated scanning, e-billing, automated bulk importing of matters, online client reporting and the use of robots to carry out the repetitive elements in a matter.

Visualfiles is the technology to meet your exact requirements. You or LexisNexis consultants can build your solutions based on available templates. 

  • Increase productivity and consistency by guiding users through the life cycle of cases from inception to completion
  • Reduce large outsourcing bills by keeping in-house control of any litigation process
  • Ensure staff stay effective and adhere to deadlines with proven workflow and escalation facilities
  • Improve control using predefined agendas, schedules, reminders and supervisory checks
  • Support shared services models by adopting team based workflows
  • Quickly adapt and amend your solution as business needs change