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Client Advising Services

Client Advising Services

We know that business success requires a continuing partnership between supplier and client. Innovative technology and world-class helpdesk support are only part of the story. That’s why we offer free-of-charge Client Advising Services to clients.

Meet the team:

Client Advisors will help you to:

  • Increase and demonstrate the value received from your solutions
  • Benefit from best practices adopted by similar businesses
  • Develop strategies and business cases for investment, development and deployment
  • Win hearts and minds by developing a greater understanding about how your solutions can support your business goals
  • Identify training needs and resourcing requirements to support your investment
  • Devise appropriate training programmes
  • Feedback into future product roadmaps

Innovative Tools

Depending on your solutions, our Client Advisors have a range of tools to help you realise the value of your investment. These include:

  • Key Success Indicator (KSI) audits
  • Workshops to align the solution strategy with firm strategy
  • Benefits presentations for professionals on new or re-energised projects
  • Continuing education programmes – training needs analysis
  • Annual deployment and subscription reviews
  • Best practice guidelines
  • Provide support, guidance and practical, deliverable solutions with and without the need for additional investment

What clients think of Client Advising

The Client Advisor programme has been invaluable to help integrate InterAction into our business. Regular, impartial meetings ensured the project stayed on track after implementation and has helped us to maximise the potential of the product. quote
Vision Capital

LexisNexis’ Client Advising Services offering is innovative in the legal sector, which we hadn’t been made aware of previously. All suppliers offer help-desk support, but free of charge access to a dedicated, knowledgeable Client Advisor who can provide objective advice to a firm based on a deep understanding of technical and business issues is very valuable.quote
Lamport Bassitt

The Client Advisor service that InterAction offers is excellent. They have such broad experience across our industry putting them in an ideal position to advise 'best practice' and suggest new ways of thinking, often influencing our decision making. We have had the benefit of Fiona advising us on BD strategies via a series of workshops which have been extremely worthwhile. quote

I think the KSIs [Key Success Indicators] are great and made us realise how much we were doing ... and what we needed to consider for the future. quote