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Darren Ingles Joins the Senior Leadership Team at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, Taking on Operational Responsibility for LexisOne

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Over the last two years, as Programme Director, Darren Ingles has been solely focussed on delivering enterprise resource planning solution, LexisOne, to European law firm, Fieldfisher. Now, as he joins the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions (LNES) – following an organisational restructure – he has assumed responsibility for the operation and governance of the LexisOne programme. He is also contributing to the strategic direction of LNES.

We talked to him to understand what this broadened role means for him, the business and crucially, customers.

What is the marked change in your new role?

When I joined LNES, my focus was to get LexisOne built, delivered and embedded at Fieldfisher. Since then, the role has changed to focus on the scalability of the delivery model, the operational impact of transitioning to cloud and embedding a continuous improvement programme.

In any agile transformation, it is important to consider the wider business, not simply one or two departments. The effectiveness of a team is hampered if the way it works is perpendicular to the rest of the organisation. Avoiding these types of misalignments is where I am spending much of my time.

So, what does this new role mean to you?

I’m very excited about progressing LexisOne to the next phase of its life and helping to fulfil its potential in the market. I believe we have a delivery model which is refreshingly different to what our competitors offer, it is new and unique. We are proud of it and coupled with the products capabilities, LexisOne will underpin our future success. It is being part of this journey and the achievement of our goals which excite me most of all.

What is the biggest asset that you bring to the team?

My focus is always on ‘drive’ and getting projects over the finish line. To do this, being collaborative and pragmatic in approach, while demonstrating core values such as honesty, accountability and transparency of progress are core to success. These values, in my experience foster a strong team ethic, which is very effective in large project deliveries.

How do you see the Agile way of working evolving at LNES?

Agile is not simply something that sits in a corner in an organisation and lives in isolation. An agile transformation should be adopted across the whole organisation to gain the most benefit.

While it started out at LNES with LexisOne, it is a philosophy that must be harnessed across LNES – in all departments and for all products. We have already seen some movement in this area, specifically with Sales and Support.

Having a mutually complementary sales and delivery process, ensures transparency and puts the project on the best footing for success. It is our intention to continue this progress – iteratively and collaboratively. In fact, it is one of our unique selling points, it will help us disrupt the industry and drive the success of LexisOne and LNES generally.

What are your hobbies?

I am married with a three year old daughter who consumes most of my free time. Any other time, I spend playing/watching Football, Rugby, Tennis or Cricket. Being South African, none of my interests would surprise you!

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About the Author:

Darren Ingles is Senior Director for Program Management, responsible for the operation and governance of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, LexisOne. He also contributes to the strategic direction of the company. Prior to this role, he was focussed on delivering LexisOne to European law firm, Fieldfisher.

Aside from legal, he has over 15 years’ experience spanning a number of industry sectors including utilities, finance and consulting. He has held roles with Ernst & Young, Sage, Advanced Legal and United Utilities in either a finance or operations capacity.

His education backdrop encompasses the UK, Belgium and latterly the US, where he secured his Bachelor’s degree in 2002 from Syracuse University, New York. Subsequently, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant (ICAEW).

In his spare time, he enjoys most sports and spending time with his wife and daughter, with the latter taking up most of the time these days.

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