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Is the 'Value' of Your CRM System Proven?

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CRM as a business discipline is well established today with the numerous options for the technology available to customers – and rightly so, consumer choice is important. As organisations explore these options, astute business sense demands that they invest in a system whose 'value' is proven and one that is 'right' for their firm. In fact, this basic tenet for technology selection holds true for most time-honoured commercial disciplines, especially in today's environment where software plays a key role in the running of a business.

Speaking of CRM in particular, the concept is well-developed, so when organisations consider deployment of this technology, determining its 'Proof of Value' is typically quite straight forward. As someone who has worked in the software industry for over 20 years, I can confidently say that a comparison of key metrics such as customer base, number of end users, size and sophistication of organisations using the solution, the longevity of customer-supplier alliances and so on, are very good indicators of the quality and relevance of the solution alongside the value it provides to organisations. More crucially however, these are also good predictors of the technology's future and potential for long term survival in the industry.

During my time, I've seen many technologies come and go – not because they weren't good, but because achieving 'staying power' requires evolution at a rate that is a step ahead of the market. This in turn requires commitment and investment muscle that not all technology developers can afford. It also requires insight into customer requirements to support their growth and a 'finger on the pulse' of the wider market that often only comes with experience, depth and breadth of expertise and long-term customer relationships. Indeed, it's a self-perpetuating cycle.

For these very reasons, the 'value' of our CRM solution, Lexis InterAction, is proven. The solution has also stood the test of time. In the legal services CRM space, how may solution providers can claim a global customer base of over 500 including organisations of all sizes, 450,000 active end users, adoption in 35 countries, and a market presence of 20 years and counting?

Fundamental to InterAction's success has been its proven delivery model, from boutique to large global firms alike, across regional jurisdictions. 61% of the top 200 UK law firms and 74% of the US Am Law 100 use InterAction. Backed by a team of subject matter experts comprising the account manager, professional services executives, client advisors; the emphasis is on implementing the solution so that it meets the needs of the firm in question and functions in alignment with the organisation's unique way of working. Consequently, InterAction can be deployed very quickly and from the word 'go', firms are able to derive value from the system in a material way. Thereafter, client advisors are always at hand to help the firms evolve their use of the solution to ensure an optimised solution and a tangible return on investment. Typically, Client Advisors offer over 800 Client Advising days annually to help law firms to transform their business by using InterAction/CRM.

Sometimes, organisations get bogged down in exploring the relevance of the concept of CRM to their firm. Rather, their emphasis should be on deriving value from the discipline and the solution that is genuinely fitting for their business. Using a very simplistic analogy, conceptually the importance of the four wheels to the functioning of a car is irrefutable. It's deploying the 'right' wheels that will determine the vehicle's mobility. The same applies to firms' approach to CRM and indeed InterAction in the legal services world too.

Over the last 20 years, the concept of 'InterAction' in the legal CRM space is well proven. In fact, the solution has played a driving role in developing the concept of CRM for legal. Numerous law firms globally have adopted the solution and derived tangible business value from it. Why? Because the solution is designed for lawyers and law firms and it has always kept pace with their evolving requirements. Underpinned by such an unparalleled heritage, the solution continues to advance on all fronts.

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With over 20 years’ experience in the legal software sector, Sugs is responsible for directing and guiding the teams implementing our products, delivering our projects and supporting our clients. Sugs’ focus is on working closely with our customers to help them gain maximum value from their solution as efficiently as possible. Sugs is team centric and people-focussed in his approach. Sugs has worked on a variety of projects ranging from implementations at small law firms through to large, global deployments in magic circle firms. Especially passionate about pro bono projects, he drove the implementation of Lexis Visualfiles at LawWorks, the Solicitors Pro Bono Group, a charity working in England and Wales.

Kept busy by his young family of 3 daughters, but when he gets some free time he enjoys long distance running – Sugs has set himself a 1000 mile target for this year. He is a craft beer connoisseur and a collector of vinyl records.

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