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Calling All InterAction Users – Your User Group Needs You & You Need Your User Group!

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The InterAction User Group, which is an entirely independent initiative from LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, is now in its 15th year. Representatives from many law firms have co-chaired the programme and been involved in its running over the years, including Eversheds, Farrer & Co, Linklaters, Fieldfisher, CLP and TLC to name a few.

With the current International User Group series underway, as Co-chairs of the User Group, we thought, we’d take this opportunity to briefly talk about why it’s worth the while of all InterAction users to join this forum.

The User Group is open to all level of users in firms – from personal assistants to business development directors and partners; from administrators who are often the CRM experts and champions in law firms to novice departmental heads; and from tactical to strategic users.

The InterAction User Group aims to provide a combination of both online and face-to-face interactions to ensure that everyone can easily participate in the group. For instance, in the last quarter, we ran a series of webinars on the GDPR, scheduled over lunch time, to enable users to get to grips with the regulation from a CRM/InterAction standpoint. The series was really well attended and the feedback across the board was that the format enables busy CRM teams to engage with the community in a meaningful way, without leaving the office. The face-to-face events, which are typically held in a law firm’s office, are deliberately very hands-on and led by the user community. In the past they have included presentations from LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions and customers; as well as panel and roundtable discussions on common issues and areas of interest to the legal CRM user community. From a professional standpoint too, users regularly talk about how InterAction has helped their career progression by raising their profiles at a Managing Partner level by uncovering unknown revenue opportunities.

The breadth of members is what makes this forum so enriching for attendees. The opportunity to network is of course tremendous, but the chance to share knowledge is equally important. Typically, there are at least 50 – 60 attendees at our London events with smaller groups in our regional forums. Over the years, participants have benefitted from the exchange of ideas to improve their firm’s adoption of the CRM as well as the sharing of practical tips and tricks to derive more from the tool itself. Due to its strictly informal nature, we have quite a few laughs too – genuinely, professional friendships have been forged over the years.

This User Group is a great environment to keep in touch with the wider InterAction ecosystem, which is consistently growing. During October – December this year, the User Group will focus on third-party software integrations with InterAction (everything from emarketing software to reporting tools) to enable law firms to optimise the solution.

In addition to users, the LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions Client Advisors and subject matter experts also attend the events, enabling the user community to ask questions and seek advice on how they can get the most out of InterAction.

Due to the value that InterAction has offered to law firms over the last 20 years (and counting!), the solution has garnered a passionate following in the legal sector. The objective for this User Group is leverage the knowledge and trust that exists in the solution for the benefit of all users, and in doing so, create a community that is supportive, but also innovative in its adoption of CRM as a strategic business discipline.

So, calling all InterAction users to join our User Group. Click here to register your interest. If you have any questions and would like to speak to us, you can get in touch via LinkedIn (Laura Scott, Lee Jones). We’d also love to know what topics are important to you so that they can be featured in future User Groups or webinars.

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About the Authors: Laura Scott, Kennedys & Lee Jones, Herbert Smith Freehills

Laura Scott is the Client Development Systems Manager at Kennedys. She has over 10 years’ experience working in law firms to implement, manage and re-energise the use of InterAction. She encourages and helps professionals to maximise the value of CRM programmes by advising firms on how to exploit all the 'intelligence' they have gathered throughout the firm to provide them with the tools to successfully manage their client relationships in order to grow client satisfaction and revenue. In her role, she works with internal clients to align InterAction to Key account programmes, business development strategies and business planning.

Lee Jones is Head of Digital, Design and Marketing Operations for Herbert Smith Freehills. Candid, knowledge sharer, ambitious, inquisitive, sociable. Over 20 years working with IT, Project Management, CRM environments and all things digital. Dog lover, coffee addict and a mean poker player!

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