Posted by | Aug 19, 2014

What should I look out for and what are the real benefits?

Posted by | Jul 04, 2014

For many companies (believe it or not) managing events within spreadsheets is still the norm – it was only 5 years ago I was doing this. Here are 6 tips I’ve developed for how CRM can help you manage your events more efficiently.

Posted by | Jun 17, 2014

At our recent InterAction Tech Ed I was surprised to speak to so many clients who thought social media was a complete waste of time no matter how they looked at it. They felt it was for the ‘young-ones’ and time consuming for a business.

Posted by | Mar 14, 2014

When I ask clients why they haven’t yet attended the Tech Ed I'm surprised to hear that it’s because they attend one of our products’ User Forums. When I ask those at the Tech Ed why they don't attend a User Forum they say it's because they attend the Tech Ed. The User Forums and Tech Eds are completely different and are not in the same category; read on to find out how they differ.