Digitalisation is the Only Way Forward for Conveyancing preview
Simon Farthing
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Posted by | Aug 05, 2020

A digital approach to conveyancing – and indeed for almost everything else – is the future. COVID-19 has become the catalyst for digitalisation that no one could have ever predicted for the conveyancing sector. This said, change has been already been rife in the conveyancing sector over the last decade.

The 'New' Modern Workplace preview
Simon Farthing
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Posted by | Jul 06, 2020

I started writing this blog back in February. It was prompted by a discussion at the Conveyancing Association Annual Conference with clients and colleagues around how the modern workplace might look beyond 2020 as a result of innovation. February feels like a lifetime ago now and in terms of the ‘New’ Modern Workplace it might as well be, Covid-19 happened and the rules were changed.


Technology investment isn't just about the money preview
Simon Farthing
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Posted by | Jan 08, 2020

Having attended numerous Leadership Conferences over the last few years there has been a recurring theme in audience survey questions: “What are your biggest spending priorities right now?” Consistently the top scoring answers relate to cracking the technology conundrum, using smarter technology to accelerate business, and the role that AI and Machine Learning will have in business transformation.

Utilising technology as a Collaboration enabler in improving the customer experience preview
Simon Farthing
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Posted by | Nov 06, 2019

Collaboration within the legal sector has never been easier due to technological advances within legaltech and proptech. Simon Farthing, Sales and Marketing director of LexisNexis Enteprise Solutions, discusses how collaboration can improve customer experience within the property and conveyancing sector.

The New SRA Rules – What They Mean from a Practical Standpoint preview
Simon Farthing

Posted by | Sep 09, 2019

The SRA is introducing new standards, that are scheduled to take effect on 25 November 2019, to allow solicitors greater flexibility in how they work and simplify accounting rules.

Who holds the real levers of change? preview
Richard Hinton

Posted by | Jun 04, 2019

Sure, we’re evolving – everyone and everything evolves, doesn’t it? Sometimes the pace is slow other times it feels faster. In a Darwinian sense, there are winners and losers at each turn as we respond to changes in our environment, but who holds the real levers of change in the property market?