GDPR: Road to Readiness

GDPR came into force on 25th May 2018.

As the 25th May 2018 deadline approaches, businesses need to ensure that their processes comply with the demands of the new GDPR regulations.

As your software partner, we have developed helpful content and services to help you understand how to reduce GDPR related risks and align your product with GDPR processes.

Ebook: The 10-step GDPR Action Plan

LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions in conjunction with Gary Hibberd, Managing Director of Agenci have created this ‘10-step GDPR Action Plan’ - 10 steps to take right now that will get you closer to being able to say you’re ready for the GDPR, come May 25th 2018.

Download the 10-step Plan

Blog: Five IT Threats That Will Harm Your Firm’s GDPR Compliance

Managing Director and Founder of Converge Technology Specialists, Nigel Wright highlights five risk areas for firms when it comes to ensuring that IT systems are secure enough to protect data and comply with GDPR

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Blog: Why Your Firm Will Need to Re-assess its IT Risks

Nigel Wright of Converge Technology Specialists looks at why, to ensure compliance under GDPR, law firms must take steps to ensure their risks are properly assessed against the new criteria.

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Lexis® Visualfiles™ Obfuscation Tool Data Sheet

The Visualfiles Obfuscation Tool lets you easily mask sensitive data in copies of your Visualfiles production system. It enables your developers to safely build and test new workflows in fully functioning non-production test and development environments – without exposing your business to the risk of data loss or data protection fines.

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Video: Visualfiles™ Data Obfuscation

Visualfiles Data Obfuscation makes the masking of copied data easy and safe. Marcus Hutchinson, the Visualfiles Technical Product Manager shows how to ensure you aren't putting clients' personal data at risk in your non-production systems. Essential ahead of GDPR!

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Blog: How Safe are Your Development and Test Systems?

Marcus Hutchinson, our Visualfiles Technical Product Manager looks at the technical side of GDPR and shows how LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions can help Visualfiles users with their development and test systems.

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Video: Visualfiles™ Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

How do you secure your Visualfiles database? TDE encrypts all the data on the server - another essential consideration ahead of GDPR, from Marcus Hutchinson, the Visualfiles Technical Product Manager.

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Blog: GDPR – Evolution or Revolution?

"The clock is ticking – businesses need to actively start putting structures and processes in place so that come May 2018, they are in compliance with the GDPR.", Loreen Jamieson talks GDPR and what steps your firm can take to ensure that they can demonstrate compliance.

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Blog: Software Upgrades Can Be Smooth – Here's How We Ensure it at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions

Despite the numerous benefits of being on the current version of software – i.e. advanced security, latest functionality and so on – why do some firms choose not to upgrade? At our 2017 Visualfiles Share event, we asked attendees this very question and one of the main reasons stated by clients was around the complexity of testing.

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