Briefing Magazine October 2015

Paul Tilling, strategic projects manager at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, says firms should see patterns in performance management. Employee performance management has been considered by many to be an onerous procedure over the years − one that HR managers and employees take part in, but often view with scepticism...

According to the website TalentManagement360, a poll of over 2,677 respondents found 98% see annual performance reviews as unnecessary. Respondents included 645 HR managers, 232 CEOs and 1,800 other employees. Not much else needs to be said, right?

Not at all. The fault lies in the application of the practice. Annual appraisals have become a ‘paperwork’ exercise for those being appraised and for those conducting the appraisal alike. In many people’s minds, it’s a standalone process, unconnected to any aspect of business at all. It’s a shame − as for performance management to succeed, it must be tightly aligned with other HR processes, organisational structure and culture. Performance management then becomes aligned with the strategy and goals of the firm as well.

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