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Moving to Microsoft-powered, cloud-native enterprise resource planning system LexisOne was a big change for Fieldfisher. It brought new ways of working for the finance and development teams, as well as the lawyers, says finance director Mike Giles

When the time came for Fieldfisher to reappraise the value of its practice management system, it faced a true choice – go with the status quo, or become one of the very first to try something really innovative. Incumbent provider Thomson Reuters Elite is phasing out Elite Enterprise for its 3E solution, and as that change would have been a complete new installation rather than an upgrade, says finance director Mike Giles, it was an ideal opportunity to review the market. Alongside the usual suspects, there was an alternative road they could try – new LexisNexis enterprise resource planning system LexisOne.

"As we were exploring our options, the system was still very much in development. One message we heard was that it was more conceptual than complete," says Giles. But rather than being daunted, Giles was attracted by the opportunity this presented to differentiate the firm's approach to data. "One thing that has always frustrated me is when the first change-related question asked is 'what would another law firm do?' I prefer to focus on trying to find the best thing to do.

The idea that 'law is different' has allowed some vendors to dominate the market for a long time. Challenging that idea also allows you to challenge customs and practices that have evolved over the years, sometimes as a result of the limitations of the systems firms are using.”

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