Lexis® InterAction® Pick and Mix, training for InterAction users.

The InterAction pick and mix approach ensures you get the training you need, when you need it and in small digestible sessions with a consultant from the LexisNexis Professional Services team.

Each training session lasts 90 to 180 minutes with a day’s training compiled of 4 units (1 unit for a 90 minute course, 2 units for a 180 minute course). Training can be delivered remotely or in a classroom environment by one of our certified trainers using the client’s own InterAction system.

Lexis® InterAction® Pick and Mix Courses:

* Courses marked with an asterix are 2 units/180 minutes. All other courses are 1 unit/90 minutes.
  • Activities and Appointments Configuration – Delve into the functionality and configuration options
  • Application Collaboration* – This course demonstrates how to use Application Collaboration to pull external data into IA
  • Data Change Management Configuration* – Learn how to configure DCM for your business processes
  • Dealing with Data Change Management Tickets – Explore best practice guidelines and tips for dealing with DCM tickets
  • Exporting Data – Showing the steps required to use InterAction exporting features
  • Find and Replace – A practical overview of Find & Replace
  • Folder Dependency Analyser – Move people/companies around InterAction folders based on business process rules
  • Import Features – A review of the basic importing feature within the InterAction Windows Client
  • InterAction Administrator Client Overview* – A tour of the main features and options in Administrator Client
  • InterAction Architecture Training* – An introduction to the architecture of the IA application from an IT perspective
  • InterAction for Microsoft Outlook (IMO) – An under the covers look at the functionality included in InterAction IMO
  • InterAction Fundamentals – An introduction to CRM and InterAction fundamental concepts
  • NEW International Correspondence Features – An introduction
  • Merging Contacts and Contact Information – Providing insight into merging duplicate contacts
  • New Features and Functions in v6.0 and v6.1 – Overview of the latest features/functions of InterAction version 6.0 and 6.1
  • NEW Profiles Configuration - Learn how to configure the InterAction Profiles and receive guidance on best practice
  • NEW Reminders - Learn how the InterAction reminders functionality can be used to benefit your firm
  • Reporting: Advanced – Working with more advanced functions and calculations in the Report Designer
  • Reporting: Intermediate – Discover how to work with overview reports and report sections
  • Reporting: The Basics – An introduction to InterAction reporting, the underlying principles and basic features
  • Scheduled and Continuous Processes – Course demonstrates what each scheduled and continuous process does
  • Smart Connect and Synchronisation Options – Learn how Smart Connect works and how to apply your configurations
  • Support Site Overview – Discovering how to make best use of the InterAction support website
  • Web Client and Outlook Toolbar (non-IMO) Overview – Demonstrating the Outlook InterAction toolbar 
  • NEW Web Client Search Form Configuration - Learn how to configure the InterAction Web Client Search Forms
  • Windows Client Searching – Discover how to perform effective searches for contact and company data

View brochure for full course descriptions and more information on delivery and certification. If you would like to book an InterAction Pick and Mix training course please email salesinfo@lexisnexis.co.uk or contact your account manager.