Lexis® Visualfiles™ Pick and Mix Courses

The Visualfiles pick and mix approach ensures you get the training you need, when you need it and in small digestible sessions with a consultant from the LexisNexis Professional Services team.

Lexis® Visualfiles Pick and Mix Courses:

  • Updating database fields with scripts – How to configure and invoke business logic at Visualfiles database field level
  • Users and user templates – Creation of users, the role of user templates and how access rights control permissions
  • Error resolution – Discover how to use coding tools and techniques to help resolve errors in scripts
  • Multiple relations and group screens – Using the Visualfiles development toolkit to implement relationships
  • Visualfiles components – entities, roles and relations. Take a closer look at the data structure, design and development
  • Robots – Explore how the Visualfiles Robot can automate Visualfiles scheduled tasks
  • Visual exchange – Learn how to create scripts triggered by rules held in the database definition
  • Email integration – Understand how you can implement the automatic creation and saving of email within your system
  • Dump and load – Discover the best way to move applications, add-ins and system data from one VF system to another
  • Creating and working with grids – Utilise the Visualfiles scripting language
  • Embedded grids – Unleash the power of the embedded grid screen object to give a slicker user experience

View brochure for full course descriptions and more information on delivery and certification. If you would like to book a Visualfiles Pick and Mix training course please email salesinfo@lexisnexis.co.uk