In the exciting world of Formula One, every millisecond is vital. Tiny, incremental improvements in a car’s thousands of moving parts add up to a big performance boost, the difference between the glory of winning and finishing anonymously in last place.

Imagine your firm is in the pit lane. Your competitors in the legal services market are revving up all around you. Will your processes and service distinguish you from the pack and position you at the front of the grid?

By using Visualfiles, you’re already turbo-charging the way you work, but we want to ensure you’re fine-tuned to carry you through to the chequered flag.

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Join us at Visualfiles Share 2019, where Marc Priestly, the presenter and former pit-lane mechanic with McLaren F1, will offer his insights into what it takes to gain a competitive edge. You’ll also hear from the Visualfiles development and leadership teams, and members of the Visualfiles community will explain how our system keeps them on the winner’s podium.

This is a client only event. To register your interest, contact

We’ll see you there.