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Stu Gooderham

It’s All About the People

Post by | Apr 10, 2017

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From the recent Operational Leaders in Legal 2017, the big take-away for me was that 'it's all about the people' – regardless of whether you are a technology supplier, a law firm, a client, or any other organisation. Here at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, this belief underlies our approach to software development; and so, it was heartening to hear industry business leaders echo the same sentiment.

Often, we hear technology vendors pigeon-hole their solutions as back-office or front-office tools. The reality is that irrespective of whether the solution is used in the back-office or front-office or both, systems must be designed for the benefit of the end user – client's client, client's employees, consultants, suppliers, and such.

Take LexisOne, our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system tailored for law firms – it is designed to mirror the typical journeys undertaken during the course of conducting legal business. The best practice processes embedded in the ERP system replicate an individuals' journey, be it with an organisation or on a matter, that would result in the activity being smoothly managed from start to completion, based on their underlying objectives. For example, the client's journey at the law firm right from first contact for costing and pricing of a matter and on-boarding through to its closure can be recorded and managed so that the requirements of the client contact are suitably met. Similarly, employees, through their personalised employee workspace interface, can gain a single view of their professional, business and training goals that form part of their personal development plans. Practice Group leaders can view and manage their teams more effectively, whilst Managing Partners and the business leaders can have visibility of the key business and operational metrics that are relevant to their day to day activity via a role centre dashboard that caters to their specific needs.

Furthermore, a comparable dashboard can be created for clients too, offering a snapshot view of how well their law firm is delivering against KPIs, which invoices are under review, how much debt is outstanding, and so on. We are already working with customers to deliver such functionality. At one law firm, LexisOne is being configured so that the functionality is tailored to the unique end user requirements of this organisation. Additionally, we are taking this people-led approach with our international law firm clients too. This will help ensure that the solution meets the needs of the end users, equally accommodating the needs of employees in the central and local offices.

This attitude and approach to solution development, deployment and adoption leads to better engagement – with clients, employees, regional offices, third party organisations or others. We are working collaboratively with our clients to ensure that LexisOne is designed for the end-users in organisations. It is only then that it will make the firms tangibly more efficient, deliver a better working environment to all stakeholders of the business, and enable the organisations to provide better services and value to their clients. All this cumulatively will ensure the best possible return on investment in the technology to the implementing firms.

About the Author: Stu Gooderham
Stu has been working in the legal sector for nearly 10 years and with LexisNexis for over 5 of those having joined through the acquisition of Redwood Analytics. A client focused professional he has always held positions in client facing roles and believes in the value of developing long term, strategic relationships with the people and the firms that we do business with. Prior to working in legal he worked within the technology sector providing the Oracle 11i ERP system having come into the IT world from an engineering and manufacturing background.

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