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By implementing Visualfiles™ you can optimise your organisation’s processes

By choosing to digitalise your debt recovery process you are prioritising the future of your business, embedding the likes of automation and structured processes within your system so that you can:


  • Save time and money.
  • Utilise resources effectively.
  • Provide client service excellence.
  • Effectively manage and support the complete customer debt lifecycle.
Optimise your organisation’s processes

Who benefits?

The Conveyancing team

The Debt Recovery Team – Support your team to take advantage of our digital applications, improving your customer outreach strategy by taking advantage of the different methods of communication whilst leveraging automation in your process to overcome the traditional challenges of initiating the recovery process to make for a smoother and more successful experience.

Business Leaders

Business Leaders – Giving you visibility of costs, team productivity levels, and the opportunity to build a business strategy that maximises your organisation’s profitability, our legal software platform helps you define targets to achieve successful outcomes.

Team Leaders

Tech Development Team – Both Lexis® Everyfile and Visualfiles™ prides itself upon flexible application, with access to out of the box solutions and bespoke development, reduce the time taken from design to delivery and offer a competitive advantage from within.


Clients – Enhance your client relationships and help to navigate sensitive matters by optimising your methods of communication to develop trust, and an increasingly empathetic impression of your firm to bolster customer satisfaction.

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders – Build a data driven strategy through the power of legal project management via Lexis® Everyfile and build a Visualfiles™ system that enables you to modify, control, define and monitor the flow of business processes and achieve success.

Achieving growth

Proficient at high volume case handling, Visualfiles™ is the system that can help you achieve growth in the debt recovery industry.

How can LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions help?

Taking pride in our software’s flexible architecture, we help you do more. With original out of the box integrations built into the Visualfiles™ application such as case tracking and automated bulk importation of data, you can seamlessly integrate with partner applications that provide further solutions, appropriate to the debt recovery industry. Whether that be document scanning, e-billing or financial tracking via inbuilt calculations, we ensure that you have the room to develop.

From inception to settlement of a debt case, Visualfiles™ empowers you to meet your deadlines, maintain compliance and produce materials that are consistent and clearly communicated between all parties, throughout the debt lifecycle.


Low risk, high reward software for increased debt recovery effectiveness. Optimise your debt collection today to scale and grow.



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Industry insights

With the cost-of-living crisis taking its toll on both business and personal finances, UK debt continues to rise as a result.

UK businesses are faced with the risk of increased books of debt and slower time to realisation on invoicing, whilst consumer debts, particularly held by those in vulnerable financial positions, are faced with rising interest rates and not having the means to repay what is owed.

As a duty of care, the debt recovery industry must work even harder to provide the most efficient and cost-effective service to its customers, ensuring their firm remains adaptable to change with a high level of transparency, to make it as easy as possible for debts to be recovered.

By applying a digital application to monitor workflow processes, the team can easily track tasks and case progress to decipher where attention is needed and determine next steps. Through automation, they can handle a greater volume of cases whilst considering societal challenges that prevent their customers repaying debts. For instance, supporting those who are in protected categories and need greater assistance by coding “rules” into the Visualfiles™ system that highlights user conditions and assigns a greater grace period.

Automated processes and workflow

Improve your margins with Visualfiles™ unrivalled workflow automation.

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology; the VisualRobot™, allows you to automate repetitive tasks, free up employees time to focus on increasing service levels, and dedicate the required level of sensitivity to be consistently communicated throughout the debt recovery process.

Ensure your firm’s time to value is accelerated, human error is eliminated, and integration of software is made simple. This way, the cost of doing business is reduced,

margins are increased, debt recovery timescales are quicker - all without having to change the business-as-usual mentality within the office.

Automation allows for optimisation, helping you save time and money, use resources more effectively, and provide client service excellence.

Find out how Visualfiles™ can help you