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Elevate your client offering

…and drive key efficiencies with Visualfiles.

Elevate your client offering

What is Case Management?

From the opening and closing of a legal case, efficient case management is essential to ensure each case is handled effectively. Whether that be maintaining case files, tracking updates and deadlines, or communicating with essential stakeholders, in any case, an established system needs to be in place to progress cases and reach a final resolution.

With a variety of sectors within the legal industry, law firms need a robust, intuitive system to help ease the case load, and at LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions – we can offer you just that.

In large case volume sectors such as litigation and conveyancing, many cases experience familiar and regular stages of administrative tasks that are essential but time consuming. With Visualfiles software, your systems are optimised and tailored to your case management needs, helping you to simplify your workload, automate repeated tasks and make better use of your valuable time.

Driving key efficiencies for users to deliver the best advice and service to clients, Visualfiles prides itself on flexibility, with a rapid developmental framework that is open to third party integrations to improve your case management abilities and as a result, elevate your client offering.

“Lexis Visualfiles sits at the heart of our future business. On go live, it’ll give us exceptional case management capability.”

CIO at Simply Conveyancing

Staying well ahead of the competition

Developing your software systems to work harder so you don’t have to.

By utilising the power of Lexis® Omni – whether this is Lexis® Visualfiles or Lexis® Everyfile, with our software suited to your needs, you have the power to make positive change from within. Tailor your systems to execute business solutions your way, whether with your in-house team or with our consultancy team at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions.

Unleash the power of Lexis® Omni

Excel in a productive environment

Proven to treble the amount of work case handlers can manage by 40%*, enable your staff to excel in a productive environment, allowing you time to focus on delivering a superior client experience.


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Control all aspects of your data securely

Whether it’s task details, documents or client data, prioritise compliance and provide assurance of successful case delivery.

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Complex processing made easy

Increase productivity of case managers and adapt to business needs through automated workflows, reducing human intervention in administrative tasks. Evolve with Visualfiles™ and stay ahead of the competition.

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Work your way

Partnering with numerous key industry providers that integrate seamlessly with Visualfiles™ and existing business processes, enhance your offering and advance your commercial capabilities.

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Make strategic decisions in real-time

Combining powerful law practice analytics with live case updates, drive quicker response times to sudden market changes and be the legal firm at the top of its game.

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Be the provider of choice, every time

Improve key client relationships through real-time insights and adaptable processes helping to manage data and understand their needs.

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Which product is right for you?

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