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LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions gives you access to leading legal software technology

Lexis® Visualfiles™ and Lexis® Everyfile; workflow tools that improve your case and matter management capabilities and legal project management efficiencies. Benefit from digital technology that can capture and interpret applications to process a transaction, manipulate data and trigger responses through the power of automation.

Integrate a LexisNexis® certified software system that can help you to:


  • Accelerate customer onboarding timescales.
  • Take on more cases without adding extra time to your team’s existing busy schedules'.
  • Spend more time working on customer relationships to grow the organisation organically.
  • Enhance your reputation within the market through a sleek customer experience.
  • Reduce overhead costs and increase profitability.
  • Improve compliance and risk management.
Optimise your organisation’s processes

Who benefits?

The  Legal Department

The Legal Department – With growing disproportionality between expected departmental performance and financial investment, local Government legal departments need to be equipped with the right tools to continue to remain effective, reduce the stress factor and help their team keep on top of their varied case loads. With the ability to reduce the complexities of legal case management whilst driving costs down and increasing team productivity, Lexis® Visualfiles™ could be the solution you need.


Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders – Review performance through an intuitive interface that represents an omnichannel approach, helping you to easily identify areas of focus to help improve your department’s productivity and institution’s reputation.

Tech Development

Tech Development – Reduce the risk of human error by developing software that can be adapted to your organisation’s needs whilst ensuring a uniform and compliant approach is adopted by all users of the system.



Clients – Create an improved reputation amongst your constituents, allowing you to improve communication channels and reduce response times so that a transparent, positive and proactive outlook of your local council's efforts are perceived.

Achieving growth

A proven and trusted, market-leading solution for optimising business processes, Lexis® Visualfiles™ elevates the power of automation to increase efficiency and productivity within your legal teams.

How can LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions help?

Our software’s flexible architecture offers scalability, with a feature-rich platform that will quickly deliver business value today, and meet tomorrow’s aspirations.

Our industry leading case management software is currently used by a variety of councils, from small district councils to large county councils, including Essex County Council, Lambeth Council and Warwickshire County council, to name but a few.

Sharing 30 years of expertise across our Professional Services team and Client Advisors, we strive to ensure the set up of your system is efficient and bespoke to your needs, inspiring continued use as an integral part of your key office system.


Visualfiles™ supports a range of legal services activities from contract management, childcare and debt recovery to highways and byways general legal work. It is the software solution that provides an adaptable foundation for you to put to use as and when your business requires. With the functionality to create a variety of guided processes that enhances your department’s time and financial resources so that you can make a positive difference and achieve growth for your local constituents.

Industry insights

It is well known that local Government legal departments have a restrictive budget when comparing to that of other legal sectors.

Under constant pressure to deliver more for less, local councils have to be wise where they spend their money, yet by the same token, with legal teams within local government being judged on “best value for money”, it is critical to have key systems in place that support the expected level of service.

As of August 2022, the Government announced a £4 million investment in legal tech adoption via the LawtechUK programme. With the ambition to modernise the legal sector, this marks a positive shift towards improving the awareness and understanding of the benefits applying software can have. As more Government legal teams increase their appetite towards implementing automated office management solutions, development is still to be made when comparing the rate of change between the public and private sector.

How can we help?

Visualfiles™ is built upon the principle of improving productivity with less ‘unnecessary’ input. By investing in an industry leading software solution that elevates the power of automation to reduce time wasted and increase case load volume, you can simplify complex work systems through the creation of well-thought-out digital processes. As a result, you will reduce costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace, fulfilling the need to provide a transparent and secure service for local citizens, local councils, without compromising timescales.

Out of the box solutions

When time is of the essence, the Lexis® Visualfiles™ out-of-the-box integration; or as we call it –our ‘Accelerator’ - could be just the thing you need to boost performance and productivity within your organisation or department.

Make the most of your Visualfiles™ software implementation from the get-go, helping you to initiate department-wide use of your automated processes and workflows, by providing a firm foundation to alter and adapt, with the intention to meet your department’s needs and increase productivity as quickly as possible.

With customisation training available to assist you with implementation, find out more about our Accelerator today.

Automated processes and workflow

Lexis® Visualfiles™ uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) intelligence to remove manual, repetitive administration from the work process.

As well as refining your workflow systems, Visualfiles™ can help automate document and form production, as well as enable bulk data imports and provide live data insights to help you define your strategy and achieve your business goals.

More than just automation

Adaptable in its very nature, Lexis® Visualfiles™, although powerful in its own right, is purposefully built to easily

‘plug in’ third party integrations, so that you can make the most of existing subscriptions and applications, all from one, accessible platform. Whether you have external software to help with matter inception, case tracking, integrated scanning, e-billing and online client reporting, the technology behind Visualfiles™ makes for a custom fit without the restriction of being limited to the use of one sole solution.

Find out how Visualfiles™ can help you