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What is Matter Management?

Whilst legal case management focuses specifically on individual cases, matter management takes a more holistic approach, encompassing the management of all legal matters within a law firm or legal department. Ranging from tracking financial expenses and identifying data trends, to monitoring task allocation and reviewing and storing documentation.

Matter management from an organisational perspective means systemic processing is essential, but with a variety of differing matters to delegate and progress, matter management needs a legal project management software that is accessible, easily adaptable and provides transparency of colleague workload and client communication to offer visibility of business success from both a granular and wider perspective.

How can we help you?

Build complex workflow systems, from anywhere, with the click of a button.

With a broader business outlook to consider, if not managed correctly, essential everyday tasks can be consumed by busy schedules and the effort to coordinate a large number of a variety of different matters, all at the same time.

However, with Lexis® Visualfiles and Lexis® Everyfile, you are not defined by a single limited solution. Instead, you can intuitively build complex workflow systems suited to individual matters, prioritise tasks, effectively allocate workload, and distribute responsibility at any time, from anywhere with the click of a button.

Our Lexis® Everyfile matter management solution uses Microsoft Azure cloud technology to ensure this is all possible, compatible with Microsoft everyday office applications as well as other industry third party integrations, Lexis® Everyfile provides a cost-effective solution to drive productivity and improve your firm’s workflow lifecycle, so that you are equipped for the future of law.

Unleash the power of Lexis® Omni

Communicate with clients, vendors and colleagues securely

Adopt appropriate security levels for each individual user to ensure the confidentiality of your documents and clients’ data is not subject to external risk.

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Provide clarity to the client onboarding process

Support at hand, when you need it. Harness the power of professional collaboration and make proper use of complex workflows by efficient information sharing with clients and colleagues alike.

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How can improvements be tracked if they are not measured?

Lexis® Omni enables you to easily run, view and analyse reports easily through an intuitive user interface. Quickly generate embedded reports, monitor live progress, and save, schedule and export documents that are ready to be presented to your practice.

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Globally recognised partner integrations

Whether your needs require out of the box or bespoke integration solutions, we provide access to third-party software or our own trusted LexisNexis products to seamlessly work with your key business systems and adhere to your workday needs.

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