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Lawyers need solutions that work. With competition at an all time high, uncompromising data security regulations, and increasing client service demands, legal technology needs to support the changing consumption of legal software and the future of law.

As the workflow automation software specialists of LexisNexis, a leading global provider of legal and regulatory intelligence, our newest solution, Lexis® Everyfile, empowers all lawyers to provide a quality, well communicated client service, from anywhere at any time.

What is Lexis® Everyfile

Lexis® Everyfile provides access to all your digital files in one place, it’s that simple.

A software system that is available on the go.

A cloud accessible web solution available on Microsoft Azure, Lexis® Everyfile provides flexible functionality. Intended to be implemented as a firm‑wide foundation, our modern software solution defies limitations to support and enhance the practice of law in a way that suits every lawyer, dealing with every file, in every practice area, anywhere in the world.

Your workspace, your way

Your centre of activity, Lexis® Everyfile gives all users secure access to files, documents and emails, easily connecting you to other key business systems and best of breed applications, from a singular point of entry.

Benefit from a leader of legal intelligence

Global collaboration

A software system that is available on the go.

Available on the go, you can access Lexis® Everyfile from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Prioritise global collaboration and maximise your firm’s reach. With one system, communicate, report, and simplify the growing challenges of the legal industry, in real time.

Benefit from a leader of legal intelligence

Utilising 30 years of legal software development and proven core technology, Lexis® Everyfile is the enterprise toolset to help you work smarter. With an adaptable architecture, our browser-based solution provides transparent business intelligence and management insights, all from a bespoke configurable system that promotes a positive user experience.

Benefit from a leader of legal intelligence
Technology that works for your business

Technology that works for your business

Whether your focus is: complex, high value, matter management, legal project management or digitising your organisation’s workflow process, you choose how your system works for you.

With an intelligent and intuitive interface, Lexis® Everyfile works with your practice to optimise your data capture capabilities, workflow processes and improve efficiencies. Speed up the creation of populated documents and merge system data with templates to support visibility, best practice and promote a universal way of working.

Automated intelligence, not dictation

Harness the power of automated intelligence which thrives when paired with your educated guidance. Streamline task delegation and administrative work but remain autonomous when making business decisions that rely on your expertise to assess business performance, track targets and team progress.

Automated intelligence, not dictation
Trust the experts

Trust the experts

With a dedicated Professional Services team on hand, we work with you to define project criteria and measure success. Have the confidence to use and store data to support your legal service delivery and transparently satisfy your clients’ demands.

The foundation of all business activity

From checklists to complex matter management, Lexis® Everyfile is the system to address the growing demand for data efficiency. With rich capabilities around data handling and optimisation, use simple tools that are tailored to your law firm and can be used across your entire business, so that in return you will increase efficiency, drive profitability, and empower your team to revolutionise your legal service delivery.

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