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LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions gives you access to leading legal software solutions

  • Increase caseload volumes without effecting quality of work.
  • Reduce costs through automating tasks, processes, and workflows.
  • Improve customer service levels, freeing up time wasted on administrative work to help build client relationships and win new business.
  • Benefit from limitless, up-to-date legal knowledge from LexisNexis® the digital content bible of the best lawyers all around the world.
Optimise your organisation’s processes

Who benefits?

The Team

The Team – Support your team to remain effective and in touch with client needs with an easy-to-use system that boasts an intuitive interface and improved communication tools to drive case progress.

Tech Development Team

Tech Development Team – Ensure software development is at the forefront of your firm’s technology adoption. Work with a system that not only integrates seamlessly with existing technology but inspires continuous improvement, so that every member of the team is working as efficiently as possible, with the tools they need.

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders – Lead from the top with intelligent reporting, with improved visibility of costs, team productivity and automated processes that increase client service levels whilst improving business growth and profitability.


Clients – Increase the speed of service and quality of work, whilst keeping costs transparent and nurturing the growth of client satisfaction and business reputation.

Achieving growth

At LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions our aim is to provide legal tech applications that work for you.

As the leading case management software for the insurance claims management industry, Visualfiles™ is designed to help define the focus of the sector and build a firm foundation of compliance amidst ever-evolving regulations. We encourage clients to adopt a growth mindset, implementing software that prioritises business needs, whether that be increasing the volume of cases staff can manage, reducing the time taken to complete case transactions or ensuring a consistent approach is applied and adopted, across the business.

Don’t just take our word for it, claims management companies, insurers and fleet management organisations such as EDAM Group use Visualfiles™ to streamline their services, drive costs down and adapt to opportunities and regulations without compromising on service or increasing costs, leading to a more profitable future for claims management.

Industry insights

The claims sector is an increasingly competitive, low margin, high volume industry. To remain competitive, you really need to make it count. Maximising efficiencies and keeping costs down are essential to drive profitability through volume case handling.

Taking a wider look at the industry, the LexisNexis® Bellwether report 2023 cites 81% of respondents believe attracting new business will be a challenge in the next 12 months, while 79% of small to mid-law firms are predicting a similar challenge in regards to client retention. This highlights that it is more important than ever to cultivate any opportunity that can help expand business prospects whilst keeping costs down.

Lexis® Visualfiles™ gives you access to software that can help you reduce resources and time spent on each case so that it can be distributed across the business. By unlocking the power of automation, you can scale up your activities and focus on providing clients with an efficient and memorable customer experience – for all the right reasons.

Out of the box solutions

Time is precious and, in some cases, it can be limited. If speedy implementation is a priority, our out of the box solutions; or Accelerators as we call them, could be the solution you need.

Integrate predetermined workflows quickly and efficiently, making minor changes to adapt to your specific organisation’s processes. If you’re under pressure to deliver results, we can offer a faster return on investment by adopting an ‘plug in’ solution that when used correctly will:

  • Help your teams work faster and more efficiently.
  • Improve information, contact, and document management.
  • Reduce costs by automating data flows and document production.
  • Make it easier for team members to find and share information about files and projects.
  • Enhance your ability to track the progress of files and projects and receive alerts when key dates or stages are missed, so that you can take action.
  • Delegate routine tasks such as managing enquiries to the appropriate team members, with the confidence that they’ll have easy access to all the right information needed.
  • Simplify administrative work, freeing up experienced members of the team to spend more time developing external relationships and bringing in new business.
  • Handle a growing workload efficiently, without impacting on the quality of the service you deliver.

Automated processes and workflow

Utilising the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), the likes of Visualfiles™ and Lexis® Everyfile enhances existing processes, empowering your firm to support the customer claimant lifecycle… but how?

Our RPA workflows help legal firms like yours, to capture and interpret applications. Whether that be to process a transaction, manipulate data, trigger responses, or communicate with other digital systems. Lexis® Omni’s legal technology platform allows you to remove the unnecessary hassle and helps you when dealing with:

  • Raising a claim.
  • Verification and fraud checks, including AML checks.
  • Loss assessments.
  • Document production.
  • Litigation process management.
  • Settlement and invoicing.
  • Abortive claims.

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