Organisations that provide professional services have to operate in a world of constant change.

They need to be as flexible as possible, able to adapt to constantly changing priorities with infrastructure and business processes that can evolve as rapidly as the market and competition dictates.

At LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions we have unrivalled implementation expertise in products, solutions and value added services for professional services companies. Our people have the knowlege and experience to help our customers minimise risk and maximise success from the LexisNexis product portfolio.

Our Professional Services & Training teams have the skills to ensure that our customers’ projects are planned and delivered in a consistent and professional manner from inception to handover. We are then available to help continue the exploitation of the technology as changes happen within the market or your business to help you realise the full value of your investment.

What our clients use
Visualfiles Professional Services for
Our team can support a wide range of professional service organisations using LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions:

Business operational advantage
Business operational advantage

We have supported numerous Top 200 legal firms and professional services with our expertise of the legal market and the technology used to maximise profit.

The Visualfiles Professional Services has a trusted business and technology team to create value for your business from conception through to development, deployment and maintenance. A transparent approach, set timelines and support makes a difference in mitigating risk, boosting margins and creating value on all levels of the organisation to stay ahead of the curve.

Custom personal development and coaching
Custom personal development and coaching

LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions has a range of training and coaching services for developers, administrators and end users.

Our Pick ‘n’ Mix approach gives you the flexibility to choose what you need, when you need it, including how many sessions you want to break it down into. This way you maximise staff productivity and efficiency whilst encouraging personal development for your in-house teams.

Value-for-money ROI
Value-for-money ROI

Most of the time, you get what you pay for. Getting the most out of your system is imperative for legal firms and professional services who want to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

By implementing a Best of Breed system like Visualfiles, not only will you have access to support from the Professional Services team at all levels; but you will also have the only scalable solution in the market that responds faster to sudden market changes, adapts business needs and supports business growth both short-and long-term.

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