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Improve your firm’s legal functionality

and deliver operational efficiency.

With clients’ expectations regarding data security, practice performance and knowledge of the legal sector greater than ever, adding value to your business is crucial when improving the profitability of your practice. Yet, to do that, you need to understand the way your business works, and decipher what the real measure of success is within your practice.

What is the measure of success?

Through our legal software platform Lexis® Omni you can choose which of our products, Lexis® Visualfiles™ and Lexis® Everyfile meet your needs.

We provide the tools to understand your business insights, providing a platform for you to ‘plug in’ your system data and collaborate with.

Using one software solution means that you can apply every day work tools directly into one system, to make for a better working experience. Integrate with other industry known tech solutions to help you manage your workload, provide task visibility for your colleagues, and improve efficiencies, cutting out the over complicated administration and increase productivity.

Compatible with the likes of iManage, Microsoft Office and Power BI, easily display unique data connected to your daily systems to present it in a way that is translatable to your wider business and external clientele.

Performance analysis is key to understanding your business goals and refining your measure of success. With the ability to gain real time updates on client documentation and transparency on individual performance and costs, we can help improve your firm’s legal function and deliver operational efficiency. This is the measure of success.

Performance analysis is key to understanding your business goals

Offering scalability from a strategic level

Handling client data safely and responsibly is imperative for any law firm’s reputation and success in such a competitive market. It is both the greatest advantage and risk that any law firm can leverage, but one that we have made simpler with our leading legal software platform.

Helping firms to uncover actionable insights, Lexis® Omni provides access to software that highlights areas of concern to help make informed decisions fast, so a resilient future can be built on a secure foundation for you and your client.

Unleash the power of Lexis® Omni

Taking the complexities out of business reporting, reduce the time wasted searching for results

Our legal software solution provides you with the ability to monitor of your business insights, all in one place.

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Minimise the risk of data breaches and remain compliant without having to think twice

Opt for additional layers of protection to improve user management, authentication and controlled access authorisation.

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Enable quicker communication of statistics and better decision making

Make the most of third-party integrated applications with the Lexis® Omni platform, transforming your data and presenting it through insightful dashboards. Enable quicker communication of statistics and better decision making based upon adaptable performance analytics.

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Which product is right for you?

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