LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions offer Visualfiles, the leading case and matter management software solution of LexisNexis UK. We are part of Reed Elsevier, the FTSE100 global information and publishing company.


Our business began with an idea.  


Having studied Computer Science at Sheffield, Neil Ewin worked with a local firm of solicitors to develop a case management software focusing on improving the conveyancing process. His thinking was that, surely, with all that information in the computer system, the solicitors could use it to automate some of the work they were doing and freeing up time to spend on client relationships.  


 With backing from the firm, Neil set up Solicitec in 1985 to commercialise the legal management software, and so began the journey of intelligent automation within the legal services space.  


Apart from having the technology to apply automation using data, wouldn't it be even better if we could collect all the case data? The ability to define what information you need, how you enter it, and when and how you use that information was a compelling business proposition. It resonated with much of the legal services industry. Case management came of age with the release of SolCase, which became the mainstream technology of choice for many lawyers. It offered an opportunity to become more efficient while remaining self-sufficient.  


Of course, the things that made SolCase attractive to lawyers made it attractive to a range of other business areas. Insurance, banking, claims management, commercial, local government and central government all reaped the benefits of office automation, case management and process improvement and passed them onto their customers.  


 These companies were not just investing in just a case management software; they wholeheartedly endorsed the people who made up the company.

Renowned for its innovation, Solicitec was highly regarded for the quality of its people. This quality covered their knowledge, their enthusiasm and their desire to make things work for the modern lawyer.  


The humble beginnings of an idea had grown into the largest supplier of legal management software in the UK. Offices opened in Scotland, Southampton and then Australia. The company User Groups were legendary. Hundreds visited the two-day events to learn we were early adopters of offering CPD credits for our sessions. Visitors forged strong relationships with the company and each other, and many of these relationships persist even now.  


The company changed its name to Visualfiles in 2005 following the development of its latest software, also called Visualfiles, the best case and matter management software for the legal services within national borders. Building on the best characteristics of SolCaseVisualfiles was a huge step forward in terms of both ambition and capability. It is no wonder that Visualfiles - and SolCase before it - won so many awards.  


During the first decade of the 21st century, Visualfiles got recognised further afield. The Queens Award for Enterprise (Innovation), awarded in 2005, recognised the significant contribution made by Visualfiles from its heart in Yorkshire, where it remains. It was also in this period that the company's culture got the recognition it deserved with three consecutive years in the Times Top 50 Best Companies. There was, and still is, an immense pride in these awards. Afterall, many people are still with the company, improving the UK’s leading case and matter management software daily through agile methodologies.  


The success of the largest provider of software of the legal market caught the eye of several suitors, one of which was LexisNexis. Seen as an evolution in the way lawyers consume information, Visualfiles became part of the LexisNexis portfolio in 2006.  With access to market leading knowledge and solutions, the future of Visualfiles within LexisNexis is about increasing value to our clients.  


As LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, our ambitions have not changed: we want your organisation to be better by using our legal management software. The good news is that you decide what "better" looks like: more efficient, better quality, faster, more with the same, the choice is yours. 


Our mission is to increase your profit, improve your efficiency and reduce your business risk so you can focus on your clients. Afterall, the continued success of our customers is what drives us to be the best case and matter management software in the legal and professional services market.  




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