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Workflow management is more than automation

Workflow management is more than automation, it is crafting your work processes to enable you and your team to achieve your full potential, offering the best advice, care, and service to your clients.

With the most capable and performative workflow tools in the market, here at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, we are doing something different. We are offering a holistic solution to your business needs, tailor made for the legal sector.

At our core is the power of automation but that’s not all…

With Lexis® Omni - the legal technology platform that combines Lexis® Visualfiles™ and Lexis® Everyfile, you are equipped with the tools you need to tackle the most complex of cases in the most simplistic way.

Both software solutions are based upon an ‘open’ architecture

Both software solutions are based upon an ‘open’ architecture, meaning they are supported by tools such as out of the box solutions and SDK to allow your firm to configure a system suited to your needs, expanding its core capability via internal and external third-party integrations to create a system that is custom-made.

“In an ideal world, we would develop our own workflows completely from scratch, but we don’t have the luxury of time. We are using the Lexis® Visualfiles™ Conveyancing Accelerators to deliver quicker time to value, rather than reinventing the wheel. Going forward we’ll continue to enhance and refine to our unique proposition. It’s a practical approach.”

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Fit for purpose and bespoke to your business.

With arguably the most experience of both legal knowledge and legal technology in the industry, our goal is to help you achieve yours. We work with you to create a tool that is fit for purpose and bespoke to your business. Design your system to adhere to your needs, whether that be Conveyancing, Litigation or Large Law.

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Pave a better future for your firm with Lexis® Omni

By automating critical processes and minimising human touchpoints, you are reducing the chance of human error and, as a result, reducing risk. Provide a more reliable service to your clients and pave a better future for your firm with Lexis® Omni.

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Gain greater control of your compliance and data security

By using Lexis® Visualfiles™ or Lexis® Everyfile solutions, you are ensuring a uniform system and process is set-up and in place to be followed by all members of staff. This allows you to gain greater control of your compliance and data security, whilst boosting your company’s appeal to prospective clients.

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Concentrate on more complex, higher value matters

Through the automation of administrative tasks, you are ensuring rules are in place to minimise error through human involvement. This not only makes for a secure system, but allows your team to realign their focus and concentrate on more complex, higher value matters.

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Underpinned by proven workflow and automated intelligence (AI)

Lexis® Omni allows you to automate and optimise, easily transforming process into effective workflows.

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