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Solution led technology is key, and with 30 years of industry experience, Lexis® Visualfiles™ delivers on what it promises and beyond.

Empower your business…

…drive better service, reduce costs, and improve client communication.

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At its core, Visualfiles™ continues to be the leading case management software solution on the market by ensuring it meets, and exceeds client service demands.

Working with our users, we understand the application and integration of the software within each business system, establishing what needs to be done to empower your business and drive better service, reduce costs, and improve client communication.

Harness the power of automation to drive success.

The solution of choice for the legal industry, Visualfiles case management software harnesses the power of automation to drive success. Seamlessly integrating with your other key business systems, Visualfiles desktop application reduces administrative tasks such as document creation and form production, as well as unburdening your lawyers from repetitive, manual processes, building automated bespoke workflows to enhance your current system whilst removing human error and time wasted.

Lexis® Visualfiles - proven to enhance performance across multiple sectors of the legal industry


Reduction of time taken to produce documentation.


Reduction of time taken to produce completion statements.


Increase case load by 40%… and growing.

Take a recent conveyancing example from our clients O’Neill Patient Solicitors LLP, Visualfiles™ has significantly reduced the time it takes to do every day legal tasks such as document production by 97% and Completion statements by 93%, as well as proving productivity gains that are enabling case managers to comfortably increase their case load by 40% - and still growing!

Read the complete case study

Read the complete case study

ONP Group Leverages Automation Enabled by Lexis® Visualfiles to Achieve the "Impossible" in Conveyancing


Take back control with Lexis® Visualfiles

Maximise your Practice’s potential, profitability and productivity through automated processes.

With Visualfiles™, business owners and investors can be confident they’re implementing a proven solution that will reduce risk and deliver a rapid return on investment, in any business environment, supporting all volumes of activity, value of cases, and numbers of users.

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Your staff are your most valuable asset. Visualfiles™ helps you protect your investment in top talent by giving all your staff greater control over their productivity.

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In a competitive market, you need to find creative ways to help your business stand out from the competition.

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Because business doesn’t stand still, neither does Visualfiles™.

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Find out how Visualfiles will impact your sector.