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Optimise your organisation’s processes and…

  • Boost caseload volumes without affecting quality of work.
  • Reduce costs and time spent on cases.
  • Enable bulk instructions, exchange of data and real-time reports.
  • Allow faster integration with third parties, such as the Land Registry, Business Gateway and other essential online providers.
  • Demonstrate greater compliance and risk management, reducing insurance premiums and showing suitability for panel entry.
Optimise your organisation’s processes

Who benefits?

The Conveyancing team

The Conveyancing team – Support your team to handle a high volume of cases, meet deadlines and key dates, and remove unnecessary administrative tasks through automation. Equip them to support each other through collaborative tools and shared task management, improving their user experience, ability to excel and removing unnecessary stress.

Business Leaders

Business Leaders – Provide access to a legal software platform that provides key insights into the performance of your team and your business. Ensure pricing, behaviours and service levels are maintained, competitive, and at the forefront of your industry.

Technology Leaders – Deliver a company wide solution that not only enhances your business offering, but provides work tools that adapt to your environment and maintain solutions that support the needs of your business.

Team Leaders

Team leaders – Keep your finger on the pulse of workflow management. Help your team with complex tasks, equip them to supervise and review tasks by exception, enable the entire team to allocate work and be confident in one another’s abilities and manage daily routines effectively.


Clients – Be the only choice for your clients. Provide greater visibility of their legal journey by prioritising communication. Keep them up to date throughout the process with the push of a button, providing an efficient and effective service that ensures their documents and transactions are completed swiftly and securely. Be one step ahead of the competition.

Achieving growth

To achieve growth, you need to be competitive. This means understanding and being aware of the key movements within the market, and your industry. You need to pre-empt, react and provide a service that reaches above and beyond client expectations.

How can LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions help?

It is important to ensure your work systems are efficient and up to date, which means investing in a reliable legal technology solution that is capable of doing all of the above, and more – that’s where we come in. A successful and proven solution delivered today, Lexis® Visualfiles™ provides a clear pathway for clients to achieve growth when implemented and used correctly.

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Take past client successes as an example, the likes of Simply Conveyancing and Movera; formally known as ONP Group, have both achieved growth by utilising Visualfiles™ to scale-up activity in times of opportunity. For instance, during the pandemic, when firms were not able to take on skilled employees easily, the ability to drive a large volume of matters were made possible with Visualfiles™.

Utilising the power of automation and investing in the software needed to enhance their systems, they chose to make an investment in technology and used the respective digital tools to outperform their competitors and empower their teams to do more. Manual administrative work has all but disappeared in favour of automated communications and continuous improvement to refine solutions that work to their bespoke business needs.

Industry insights

According to the LexisNexis Bellwether Report 2023, 81% of respondents recognised that an investment in work processes and updating key systems is essential over the next 12 months, with the report summarising that ‘Law firms owe it to themselves, regardless of their size, to invest in the systems and platforms that will enable them to do their jobs better, quicker and without the added stress.’

Here at LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions we have made a valid deduction that the most successful conveyancing firms are achieving their developmental growth by investing in such software, reducing time taken to complete cases and increase the volume. By taking our Lexis® Visualfiles™ case management software as a way in which to validate this statement, we simply have to look at what fellow players in the industry are doing.

With a market size of around 2500 entrants, it is the top 20% that carry out the highest volumes of transactions. The very best in the top 10 elevate themselves by taking advantage of the tools that are available to them to help differentiate their service. This means using digital, highly customisable systems that provide flexibility and transparency of process.

Let’s look at the statistics:

Out of the top 10 residential conveyancers in the industry, four are Visualfiles™ users.

With just over 73,600 total property and conveyancing transactions taking place in 2022, out of the top 10 residential Property and Conveyancing law firms, our four Visualfiles™ users completed a total of 34,500 of those transactions. That is just under 50%, meaning although we represent the top 40% of Conveyancers, for the year of 2022 our software helped those firms achieve almost half of the overall transactions!

Let’s look at the statistics

Out of the box solutions

Our out of the box solutions, or as we call them; accelerators, help you to achieve a return on investment more quickly.

Our conveyancing accelerator is a solution that represents industry best practice. Taking into account our years of expertise to help you form a firm foundation to build bespoke workflows that adhere to your business needs as quickly as possible.

How can an accelerator help?

With customised packages available, including training tailored to your firm, the conveyancing accelerator allows you to ‘scale-up’ without reducing scope or quality, in a timely manner.

With minor tweaks to the system to adhere to your company’s specific needs, you will be able to:

  • Run residential sale and purchase transactions, end to end in a matter of days.
  • Conduct plot sales, transactions, equity transfers and remortgage completions, within a week.
  • Onboard clients in bulk or receive multiple transactions quickly and effectively, without hours of administration time or rekeying.

Despite being an out of the box solution, our conveyancing accelerator enables full customisation, so that as you grow and change your processes, the system grows with you.

Automated processes and workflow

The overarching vision for the future ensures that automated intelligence functionality is embedded within each iteration of our software solutions.

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and complex multitiered workflows, you can rely on data validation, document production and efficient service delivery without the need for human intervention. In such a competitive market, by positioning automated processes as an intrinsic part of the solution, you are

refining your systems to work smarter, taking advantage of your digital software to build complex workflows, improve compliance and risk management, and prioritise tasks to enable your users to differentiate their services without compromising on customer service.

Find out how Visualfiles™ can help you