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Prioritise the future of your business so that you can offer the right service for your clients.

At LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions, we provide a legal technology platform comprised of a number of applications that adapt to your system requirements and suit your business needs. By adopting our leading case and matter management software, your firm will benefit from:


  • Efficient contact management.
  • Key dates management.
  • Third party ‘best in field’ software partnerships and system integrations.
  • End to end process enhancement.
  • Automated document/form production.
  • Transparent business information set against industry KPIs.
  • The flexibility to track and review cases from anywhere, any time.
Optimise your organisation’s processes

Who benefits?

The Litigation team

The Litigation Team – Dealing with litigation matters requires a team that prioritises focus, communication, and flexibility. Keeping staff effective and adhering to deadlines can be increasingly difficult if not equipped with the right tools. Providing simple software applications that elevate automated processes and systemic workflow means your team can work efficiently and to a deadline, case after case.

Business Leaders

Business Leaders – With a keener focus to be more economically efficient, drive costs down and invest in a solution that helps you to extract value from existing resource and maximise potential through strategic application. Our legal software enables you to refine your firm’s processes and manage your team, workload, and business prospects, through one united platform.

Tech Development

Tech Development – A quality software solution to enhance your firm’s daily processes. Help your colleagues to understand complex process logic and convert it into simple workflow. Our product portfolio makes advanced legal technology accessible, without the confusion, enabling you to help your team excel.


Clients – Create a better relationship with your clients, helping to navigate each litigation case tentatively whilst remaining efficient. By following a business-wide process, you can optimise your response times, transparency of costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders – Review performance through an intuitive interface that represents an omnichannel approach, helping you to easily identify areas of focus, and improve business profitability.

Achieving growth

With increasing pressure to obtain new business, keep up to date with regulation changes and improve client satisfaction, as a legal service provider, it is imperative to find solutions that work with your business to make all this possible.

How can LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions help?

Built for the legal sector, Lexis® Visualfiles™ maximises case volume management, reduces time wasted and delivers a higher quality of service to your customers. Powered by robotic process automation (RPA), you can focus on what matters, driving your lawyers to practice litigation more efficiently and more profitably, in the way you choose.

With the top 250 legal firms increasing effectiveness through process automation, our software has been developed and refined over 30 years to offer a solution that works for you. Functioning seamlessly alongside your current systems, we help you deliver a service that doesn’t compromise on quality, regardless of the value or complexity of the case type.

Maximise your firm’s success and simplify the process

Manage client records by creating accessible dashboards that help you keep on top of schedules and appointments. Keep to key litigation milestones whilst relying on data input that helps you to accurately forecast and price a matter. Alleviate client reservations and instil confidence within your team that projects your ambitions to scale up, grow margins and achieve success throughout the litigation space.

Industry insights

Throughout the legal sector, the regulatory landscape is rapidly changing. In the next couple of years, it is predicted that litigation and governing enforcement actions relating to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments, and other similar regulations, will become a more prominent concern.

Such insights inspire need for structural change to be considered within each law firm, which, if not equipped with the right tools, can be a difficult and arduous task.

However, by adopting a legal software application such as Lexis® Visualfiles™, complex decision making is made simple. Through Visualfiles™ you gain access to a robust, yet adaptable workflow system, enabling you to make

proactive responses and facilitate business compliance. By investing in a legal technology platform that works for you, you are choosing to digitise your processes and as a result, deliver high-quality client service at a faster pace, simultaneously adhering to the key principles of legal practice.

Out of the box solutions

When time is of the essence, our out-of-the-box
“Accelerators” could be your golden ticket.

Designed for rapid implementation, our Accelerators provide you with the basis you need to enhance business performance, as quickly as possible. This “plug and play” integration provides a software set up that encourages you to build upon its template solution and repurpose to maximise the potential it holds for all areas of your business.

Covering the likes of legal operations, project management, human resources, complaints handling and customer relationship management to name but a few, your Lexis® Visualfiles™ integration could be up and running in a matter of weeks! With customisation training available to ease the adoption of the ‘accelerator’ packaged software solution, find out more about our bespoke litigation accelerator today.

Automated processes and workflow

The future of law is here. With the legal industry adopting technology on mass, it is time to upskill your processes and empower your business through automation.

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) via the VisualRobot™ automated intelligence functionality, we eliminate the need for manual processing in favour of automated workflows that reduce the risk of human error and significantly increase the efficiency of your business.

With the aid of our Professional Services teams, we help you identify where RPAs can be implemented to refine existing processes.

Creating smoother transitions between key litigation milestones, a firm foundation of software is built for your organisation so that you can focus on the things that matter, enhancing your client offering, automating administrative outputs, and simplifying data input and task management.

Find out how Visualfiles™ can help you