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LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions gives you access to leading legal software solutions

The best personal injury case management software on the market, Lexis® Visualfiles™ is the proven workflow automation technology to implement into your law firm and create greater benefits for your legal practice.

By adopting Visualfiles™ into your core business system, you can:


  • Create an efficient and adaptable process in line with your clients’ needs.
  • Reduce the cost of case completions whilst maximising output.
  • Easily guide users through the life cycle of a personal injury case from inception to settlement.
  • Demonstrate greater compliance and risk management with a heightened awareness and flexibility around everchanging regulatory requirements, helping to reduce insurance premiums and deliver the appropriate level of service to all clients.
Optimise your organisation’s processes

Who benefits?

The Team

The Team – Support your team to handle the changing regulatory requirements of the personal injury world by providing a work system that is easily adaptable, reduces unnecessary administrative work and prioritises intelligent automation so that you can work smarter.

Tech Development Team

Tech Development Team – Provide a company wide solution that not only enhances your business offering, but provides work tools that adapt to your environment and maintain solutions that support the needs of your business.

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders – Gain key insights into the performance of your team and your business. Increase visibility of both costs and client expectations by capturing all data in one system, ensuring a cohesive way of working is adopted across your practice to improve business growth.


Clients – Prioritise client satisfaction by providing transparency for each personal injury case. Have everything to hand so that you can monitor progress and communicate with clarity by benefiting from a software solution that enables a positive user experience.

Achieving growth

Access our dedicated Personal Injury case management software solution, Lexis® Visualfiles™. We can help you become the legal practice to watch in the personal injury market.

With a variety of existing customers including the likes of DWF and DAC Beachcroft, our clients range from top 100 UK law firms to specialist personal injury legal service providers, all utilising the Visualfiles™ software solution to cover all manner of activities; claimant and defendant PI, catastrophic injury, industrial disease, RTA, Uninsured Loss Recovery, FNOL & rehabilitation. Our legal software solutions are developed and implemented by legal software experts – we understand your problems so that we can provide the solution.

To achieve growth, you need to maximise team efficiencies and invest in a process that works for you and your clients’ needs. With a digital system such as

Lexis® Visualfiles™, you can easily optimise almost any personal injury process to help you save time and money, use resources more effectively, and provide client service excellence.

Further examples of how Visualfiles™ can help you with the everyday detail to achieve business growth:

  • Reduce large outsourcing bills by keeping in-house control of the litigation process.
  • Ensure staff stay effective and adhere to deadlines with proven workflow and escalation facilities.
  • Improve control using predefined agendas, schedules, reminders and supervisory checks.
  • Quickly adapt and amend your solution as business needs change.

Industry insights

The Personal Injury sector has experienced fundamental change in recent years, with amendments to processes, specific shifts in compensation brackets for certain sects; road traffic accidents (RTAs) and an introduction of an online portal for ‘low value’ injury claims.

Since 2018, there has been continued changes to the civil liability bill, governmental discount rates introduced and reforms in the legal framework, such as ‘whiplash’ injury regulations reform - all in an effort to “reduce insurance premiums for motorists, while ensuring injured claimants can still access justice.”*

According to the Law Society, the changes affect the amount of compensation claimants receive and include:

  • Tariffs for whiplash injuries that last up to two years from RTAs.
  • The small claims limit increasing from £1,000 to £5,000 for RTAs not involving vulnerable road-users such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders.
  • A new online portal called the Official Injury Claim service.
What does this mean for claimants, solicitors and law firms alike?

The increase of the small claims limit, along with new tariffs, will lead to more cases being processed as small claims, which means Claimants may decide not to be represented by a solicitor, as they will not be able to recover their costs and use the new online portal as an alternative.

For legal practitioners, this could result in a reduction of clients for businesses mainly working in low value personal injury claims, for the legal practice in general, it could mean the cost of taking on such cases will reduce business margins significantly – with the Law Society recommending “Solicitors working in this area may benefit from revising their business models to adapt to the changes.”

With that said, LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions could be the solution you need to stay competitive in this ever-changing environment. As experts in legal software automation – we can help you reform your business and create a positive outlook, ensuring the service you provide is in line with your clients’ needs, making the most of the technology at your disposal to improve margins and remain competitive.

* the Law Society; Personal injury | The Law Society

Out of the box solutions

Our out of the box solutions, or as we call them; Accelerators, help you to “accelerate” a visible return on investment whilst improving your internal processes as efficiently as possible.

Helping you to speed up automated process implementation, our out of the box Accelerators give you a foundation that allows you to ‘scale up’ and out whenever your needs change, with the ability to build onto existing structures of any part of your business including:

  • Legal operations
  • Human resources
  • Complaints handling
  • Customer relationship management
  • Many more!
Out of the box doesn’t mean limited!

With all Visualfiles™ Accelerators, to ensure you make the most of your software solution, customisation training is available to ensure you and your team can easily, and self-sufficiently tailor your solution to the needs of your practice, without being confined to the standard offering.

Automated processes and workflow

Visualfiles™ leverages the automated intelligence of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Using the VisualRobot™, easily automate essential, existing processes to maximise your firm’s performance and team’s productivity.

Use the leading personal injury case management software to optimise your law firm’s way of working by investing in legal software that has proven to reduce costs and increase profitability. Enhance the reputation of your practice by reducing human error and prioritise compliance and risk management through automation to maximise efficiency.

How can RPA help the Personal Injury sector?

Whether you use the VisualRobot™ to deliver matter inception, track cases, automate bulk importation of matters and data, or simply carry out repetitive elements of your case load to reduce the strain of administration,

by opting for Visualfiles™ for Personal Injury case management, you are choosing to empower your team. Your personal injury lawyers are equipped to capture and interpret applications to process a transaction efficiently, easily manipulate data, trigger responses, and communicate with other digital systems in real-time so that as a result, they can do what they do best whilst maintaining an optimum client experience.

Find out how Visualfiles™ can help you