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LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions gives you access to leading legal software solutions

With vast data sets to review and cover, Matter Management software can ease the burden, helping solicitors and key business stakeholders alike, to bring organisation to the process.

With Lexis® Everyfile, a dedicated Matter Management software solution, you can translate all data in one place, improving collaboration and communication between employees and clients, whilst providing a consistent approach to help you automate workflow processes and as a result, achieve wider business strategic objectives.

Empowering your Matter Management through legal software, Lexis® Everyfile provides:


  • Advanced ‘To-Do’ capabilities, data handling and workflow processes.
  • Tiered task system for complex matters.
  • Intuitive team and role structures.
  • Access to software partnerships to improve the implementation into your native system such as:
    • Data visualisation through Microsoft Power BI.
    • Document handling via iManage.
Optimise your organisation’s processes

Who benefits?

The Team

The Team – With access to all relevant data in one single place, Lexis® Everyfile not only offers immediate out of the box benefits, but provides the capability to easily integrate with other industry recognised software applications. Consolidate business functionality such as legal finance systems, document management and data visualisation to make your team more effective and business more profitable.

Tech Development Team

Tech Development Team – Deployed by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, the Lexis® Everyfile matter management system can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. With improved accessibility, and a flexible architecture, Lexis® Everyfile uses automation so that a tailored, standardised way of working is adopted by all users, across the application.

Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders – Easily identify areas of focus to help improve productivity and overall business performance through advanced data handling and business reporting. Easily track business KPIs, client service levels and team performance to improve business growth and market reputation.


Clients – Create greater visibility and be transparent with the progress of your matters. Improve communication with both colleagues and clients by utilising one unified system and benefit from the likes of tiered task management, making for smoother client transactions and speedier, positive outcomes.

Achieving growth

In the hope of making positive change and achieve growth as a byproduct of your technological investment, it is important to understand the needs of your team and your business which usually fall under the following categories:

Efficiency, Consistency, Quality, Risk, Compliance.

More often than not, it is a combination of these key drivers that instigate the journey towards the adoption of legal technology to optimise your legal operations and client services. But how do you achieve growth with a legal technology solution?

The answer is to utilise a system that can alleviate time wasted on legal activities such as, file opening, contract reviewal, project planning, risk management, Anti Money Laundering (AML), conflict checking, and general legal work.

Put simply, efficient file and matter management relies on effective workflows and processes. By opting for a technology solution that, at the heart, elevates automation to simplify task management, repetitive

processes and simplify complex chains of communication, your team can focus on the outcome of each matter and its contribution to the success of the wider business. Rather than providing access to several systems that offer distractions resulting in time wasted for your team, Lexis® Everyfile enables your business one point of access to every file they’re working on, so that you can gain valuable insights from the everyday and create a growth strategy for your practice made by you.

Industry insights

What is the difference between Case Management and Matter Management?

Matter Management can often be misinterpreted as being the same practice as that of Case Management. However, Case Management is usually related to the large volume workload of particular legal practices, such as Litigation, Conveyancing, or Debt Recovery.

Matter Management, on the other hand, is a more holistic approach to the wider legal service. Most definitively, Matter Management is more comprehensive, involving overall business considerations and activities that are related to every aspect of corporate legal practice. For instance, a timeline of tasks, matter assignees or a report of case outcomes, Matter Management relies on transparency and visibility of process to quantify results.

As client demand for transparency becomes greater, many law firms; including those outside of the corporate legal arena, are looking for technology solutions that

enable them to introduce automation, increase efficiency and satisfy compliance needs. According to Gartner, 63% of legal and compliance leaders are planning to accelerate investment in legal technologies in the coming year*.

For Matter management to work effectively, a combination of human and electronic workflow is essential. By using a collaborative method, you are choosing to make use of the optimisation of automated workflow technology, with the enhancement of tailored, personalised communications, thus creating a competitive edge.

*Source: Gartner’s 2023 Top Legal and Compliance Technology Predictions report.

Automated processes and workflow

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology at work via Lexis® Everyfile, is one that accentuates ease of use.

Avoiding over complicated systems, our light touch web solution provides an interface configured to your business needs, so that you can execute simple commands through one click of a button.

An example could be, when you are finished with a file and ready to progress to the next stage, a button can automatically connect you to the next task – whether that is creating an email, entering data or queuing the

next matter, regardless of the complexity of the command, you can simplify and customise the subsequent stages and prioritise the work that is needed to help improve the legal service you provide.

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