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Document Assembly is Ripe for Automation

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Document assembly and automation ranks as the second highest priority for C-level executives and Heads of IT and Innovation (72 percent) in the legal sector for 2021, as revealed by a recent survey. Rightly so, document assembly is the ‘low hanging fruit’ for automation but can offer large reward. Think about the delays that can be experienced assembling even potentially simple documents such as Non-Disclosure Agreements between parties. Often potential changes to such documents are as straightforward as name, address and timeframe – plus some key dates or values – and despite this, producing a new version ends up being a long-drawn out process. Feel familiar?


Sometimes the best way to ensure the accuracy of a document can be to share or even hand over document assembly to a client or other key parties involved in the relationship, this can be safely and efficiently with the help of automation. Partner or client organisations can easily fill in their key details and requirements, following which the system can automatically either generate the final document or route it to the right person for additional information, as needed. This kind of ‘outside in’ approach results in faster turnaround times and reduced costs.


Taking this approach further, firms can build complex documentation too by utilising technology to leverage the organisation’s own precedents and apply multifaceted logic. This makes the entire process of document assembly intuitive, accessible and easily repeatable, and therefore quicker and more efficient. For instance, based on a set of instructions, a ‘Seller’s Pack’ could quickly be put together and produced, say if a firm was managing a property auction. This is of course, only one illustration for automated document assembly.


It’s worth calling out that document assembly and automation can be undertaken in the highly familiar Microsoft environment – a space where lawyers and case handlers live! Moreover, by providing users the tools they routinely use, love and so can easily consume – technology adoption becomes a non-issue. They don’t need to log into another system, the capability is available to them at their point of need. Even better, users can securely utilise this capability from any device and from wherever they are physically located.


A robust and customisable capability for document assembly and automation is provided within  Lexis® Omni, a flexible technology platform that powers optimised legal service delivery for any legal services organisation.  If this capability is a business priority for you, please get in touch with us via EMAIL. We would love to understand your requirements and propose a solution that fits your needs.

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Simon leads the Go-To-Market (GTM) function at LexisNexis® Enterprise Solutions with overall responsibility for the Sales, Business Development, Marketing, Sales Operations & Client Engagement Teams. Simon is responsible for ensuring that we develop and enhance our customer relationships and grow our presence within our chosen markets, helping our valued clients gain greater value from their investment with us.


Simon has been with LexisNexis for six years. He has worked on a number of key strategic client growth programmes leading our Client Engagement Team across the Enterprise Solutions portfolio. He has also acted as Global Account Director for some of our largest international clients. He is a qualified Lawyer, Project Manager and Business Analyst. Simon has over twenty years’ experience in the legal services sector and spent many years of his career practicing law within a number of notable regional practices and subsequently headed IT, Development and Comms for a Top 100, 450 user Law Firm, in his time there implementing Lexis Visualfiles, Microsoft CRM, iManage, Bighand, Artiion and Aderant solutions, to name a few.

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Simon is a competitive sailor, a technology addict, a motorsports enthusiast and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.

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