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Better From the Inside: A Video Series by Karl Southern - Part One “Optimise” article image

Better From the Inside: A Video Series by Karl Southern - Part One “Optimise”

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The need to respond to the changes facing your organisation is neverending. Having the ability to do that yourself is a significant advantage and one that our clients have exploited with much success. 

But we all need a little help from time to time.

Today, I'm launching an occasional series of videos called "Better From The Inside", helping you make your organisation better from within. Self-determination is hugely worthwhile, and this series starts today to help you with that ambition.

As inspiration for the series, I thought I'd offer my thoughts about topics related to each of the five verbs of Lexis®Omni:

  • Automate
  • Integrate
  • Collaborate
  • Optimise
  • Consume

I'm starting with optimisation or, more specifically, task optimisation. Getting your processes streamlined involves a form of modern-day alchemy: applying the right mix of technology, people and skills to offer the best possible service for your staff and clients.

It starts with three simple questions.

Better From the Inside: A Video Series by Karl Southern - Part One 'Optimise' 

About the Author:

In an IT career that has spanned well over twenty-five years, Karl has spent time in consultancy, operations, product management and solutions design. Particular areas of his expertise include integration, mobility, and exploiting information. Our clients do amazing things with our technology, and what Karl enjoys most about his role, is helping clients to unlock the potential of our software, so that they can achieve amazing things too.

Some of his colleagues have pointed out that he is a geek by nature due to his keen interest in all things technical. He takes this as a huge compliment. Outside of work, Karl likes to walk, albeit slowly; a pace he blames on frequent pauses to take photographs.

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