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Is investing in client portal software a good idea for your law firm? article image

Is investing in client portal software a good idea for your law firm?

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Have you been considering ways in which to improve your client experience? If not, you should have!

With the growth in competition for law firms and lawyers alike not slowing down any time soon, to be a competitive player in the legal industry you need to discover how to elevate your client offering. The key is to provide great customer service and a positive client experience without negatively impacting your legal professionals’ workload.

Sound like an idealised over simplistic solution? That’s because so many law firms and legal service providers get it wrong…

A strong client relationship is essential when measuring the success of your business, but to do it well requires a combination of contributary factors - adhering to client demands by providing a quality legal service, whilst maintaining a stable channel of communication is part of it. Paired with transparency of transaction and a means in which to collaborate, in essence, is how you can achieve it.

The thing is, you’re probably doing all the right things already, providing quality legal services for instance is most likely at the core of everything you do, but as client numbers increase and there are more phone calls and emails to send out, responses to individual client queries become backlogged. So, you look for legal technology solutions and ‘compatible software’ you might even hear of a client portal to help translate these factors into reality, but taking on tech can seem rather daunting.

Why client portal software?

For you and your firm to progress and continue to become a better legal practice, you need to work towards providing a better customer experience. To do this well you also need to think of your firm and your team and doing it in a way that is advantageous for both. But without the medium to do so, you are already at a disadvantage.

We recommend investing in technology, and specifically legal software that complements other key business systems that help to drive case progress and securely hold client data. Your client portal software solution needs to help your lawyers do more whilst instilling the confidence to do it. With customer portal systems such as our exclusive partner offering Rubix Online, you can reduce the number of phone calls, emails and overall time wasted within your firm, in favour of prioritising security, collaboration, availability, and accessibility.

Security and collaboration

The likes of Rubix Online works with your integrated Visualfiles™ system and uses the data that is already regulated and stored securely by your business to simply display the corresponding data via the client portal, clearly and accurately. With available features such as payment gateways and two-factor authentication, Rubix Online offers ‘secure accessibility’, and more specifically, one digital, private location to exchange case updates effectively. Almost eradicating the need for emails and the vulnerability that comes with it – e.g., the threat of cyber-attacks and the feeling of uncertainty as to when emails will be responded to, a peace of mind is promptly materialised. Delivering an efficient and user-friendly system to track case progress, update clients in real time and hold all necessary information visible to the client in one single location, Rubix online enables the lawyer to do what they do best.

Availability and Accessibility

Built to be customisable, you can display the features you choose to in the way you want. The flexibility Rubix online offers means that your platform; as an out of the box solution, benefits from speedy installation whilst remaining completely adaptable – with no specialist ‘tech skills’ required to do so! Whether that be the look and feel of your customer portal – with ease of reflecting your brand; including logos, styling and colours, or by demonstrating bespoke functionalities; displaying all the necessary sections and features within your working system, from case details to document upload to debt invoices. With the added benefit of on demand access for clients, you can log into your client portal around the clock, delivering 24/7 availability in a collaborative environment, whereby calls and meetings can be scheduled within a monitored system that reflects integral business data in a digestible transparent way, for both your lawyers and clients.

With Rubix online you are offering a client service that is ready to compete with today’s client demands. Invest in technology that is completely dynamic, that works for you and your business. Contact your Account Manager today to discover the exclusive benefits you could redeem through a Visualfiles™ portal integration.

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