Lexis® Omni Brochure

Flexibility at the core

Omni brochure cover Lexis® Omni provides the tools required by today’s lawyer to deliver service excellence. Engineered by LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, the market leader in legal process optimisation and workflow, Lexis® Omni combines the proven Lexis® Core engine with Microsoft technology to deliver workflow, document production, automation and legal process management via Microsoft Azure in a flexible legal technology platform.

Lexis® Omni offers genuine choice to the legal sector, enabling you to select the technology that’s right for your business.

The legal software market can be difficult to navigate. Too many choices; too many risks. LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions now simplify the options. Take the automation engine that is the proven foundation for complex solutions and harness it with the latest web technology on a Microsoft database.

With flexible interfaces that allow your users to work the way that suits them, on a system of record that handles the essential security and governance.

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