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Do more and do it quicker!

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As part of the recent VF Tech Ed feedback we asked our delegates the question “What is your biggest challenge?”. Reading through the feedback I found myself recalling my own experiences as an in-house developer and empathising each time the response related to 'lack of time'. 

Increasingly there is the expectation to do more and to do it quicker. For those involved in the development and implementation of case management systems, there is a level of irony, that where the key aim is to establish solutions that streamline processes and procedures, increase efficiency and optimise resources, there is often not enough time to achieve this goal proficiently. But perhaps the role actually provides us with the experience and knowledge to become expert time managers.

Since being converted to the wonders and benefits of case management over 12 years ago, I have increasingly been applying the tools and principles that are essential to a successful case management system to various aspects of my life (in and out of work) to assist me in my time management.

I have whole heartedly adopted the To Do list function that is a key aspect of Visualfiles. Some may perceive that writing lists of tasks that need to be accomplished is a displacement activity. But for me, defining what needs to be done, in a format that can be referred to and updated regularly, helps me maintain focus, classify priorities and goals and facilitate efficiency and effectiveness. Having a list means I don’t have to waste time remembering what needs to be done I can just get on and do.     

Another aspect of case management that I apply wherever possible is defining, refining, standardising and documenting processes and procedures. Now you may argue that surely this in itself is time sapping but, just like setting up a process or procedure as part of an application workflow  or completing data in a case, once the initial effort is completed it is there to be utilised and referenced by all that need it. Details will need to be reviewed and revised on occasion but  time (yours and others) is not wasted trying to remember or discover how, why, when and what.

Of course everyone is different and what works for one won’t work for all but perhaps take a step back, look at your workload and consider “How would I approach this if I was establishing a case management solution?”. There will most likely be a tactic that can be applied that will help free up a few precious moments which will allow you to take a quick breath before the next requests hit your desk!

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About the Author:

Having initially joined Lexis Nexis Enterprise Solutions in 2013, spending nearly 2 years as a Senior Application Consultant within the Professional Services Team, I have recently returned to take on the role of Visualfiles Client Advisor. Prior to this I gained extensive understanding about how firms can successfully adopt and utilise Visualfiles from my 11 years working in-house at two top 100 law firms in roles which combined business analysis, project management and configuration of Visualfiles solutions. During my time away from the legal realm I worked as a Senior Business Analyst for a multi-national avionics company working closely with clients, key stake holders and end users to improve and enhance messaging and tracking software solutions. I also have corporate and public sector experience having worked previously in project management roles within the Oil and Gas industry and at an Education Trust.

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