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Embracing anything anywhere

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I’ve just taken a delivery of a new laptop – brilliant! But my joy is quickly followed by the pain of having to reconcile my locally held information and data, and syncing diaries across multiple digital devices – why doesn’t this happen simply and automatically? Life was so much simpler with just a networked PC and Filofax!

Nowadays with the plethora of personal and business electronic devices, our digital work/life separation is becoming increasingly blurred and the volumes and locations of data are growing. Managing all this is an ever demanding activity, both for user and IT department!

So how does this all relate to legal technology? Well, much has been written about the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) headache, but it’s no longer constrained to the basics of diary or email sharing. Increasingly, ‘power users’ are on the move and they want to have access to ‘their’ data which might be sourced from multiple systems, having to be delivered to multiple devices, and all handled concurrently! From the user’s perspective this information needs to be ‘seamless’ – accurate, timely and available, whilst from the firm’s perspective it must also be totally secure.

It’s essential that the operational needs of any business are fully served by the right operational systems. But any operational system then needs to embrace the ‘anything/anywhere’ needs of the peripatetic operator by providing secure open doors and seamless backend integration to other systems; but not at the cost of having to rely on expensive supplier intervention or complex black-box technology.

All of this is something that I have to tackle in my role as product manager for Lexis® Visualfiles™. It’s a fantastic  product (case management and workflow solution), and I see a much wider future than the traditional ‘Visualfiles-centric’ world. At the recent Tech Ed I gave a brief insight into our ‘built on Visualfiles’ vision which includes the provision of components and interfaces to support the delivery of any ‘great bits’ of Visualfiles that an organisation needs. This is a world where Visualfiles technology contributes to each part of the business in a format that supports the specific need. Watch this space!

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About the Author:

Nigel Williams is widely experienced in technical, managerial and consultancy roles in public and private organisations, with particular expertise in the UK legal sector - from both client and supplier perspectives.

He has run IT in a number of law firms, and has worked with Visualfiles since it was first introduced. In his role as the Visualfiles Product Manager he has primary responsibility for setting future direction.

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