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Visualfiles pivotal to our flights claims business

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Recently our flights claims business completed its 10,000th case in just less than two years. In this time, we have secured around £4.4million in compensation for 14,000 clients against 70 airlines. It’s an amazing achievement for us! We are at the forefront of this emerging field of law and have come to be regarded as the UK’s industry leader for flight delay claims. Last year we won two landmark cases at the Court of Appeal for the Huzar V and Dawson V Thomson Airways cases. Our victory has played a significant role in bringing English law in line with other European countries and has opened up the possibility of billions of pounds in deserving compensation for millions of consumers.

The EU Regulation 261/2004 entitles consumers to claim up to €600 from airlines for some flight delays of over three hours. With an estimated 221 million passengers per year using UK airports and approximately 1.5% of flights experiencing delays over three hours long, we are helping passengers justly assert their rights.

This business scenario makes efficiency imperative – which is why we adopted Lexis Visualfiles. The business processes and workflows that we have developed in Visualfiles have enabled us to bring down our claim processing time to just a matter of minutes on a straightforward case. It’s an accomplishment because making a claim is complicated – flights can be delayed for a whole host of reasons, from an ash cloud to complex technical malfunctions.

Today, we have complete visibility of current caseloads in Visualfiles. Each live claim can be viewed from just one screen with employees able to see the case status on a dashboard in real time, ensuring all cases are acted upon, tracked and monitored. This highly-automated, light touch approach allows a small team of just eight staff to handle over 23,000 cases at any one time without compromising the speed of settlement or success rates.

Visualfiles has played a pivotal role in our success and will continue to do so – not only has it helped us automate processes, but crucially we are able to continuously innovate to make incremental efficiency and productivity gains as a matter of routine. The solution is intrinsic to our operation.

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Paul Hinchliffe is Managing Partner at Bott & Company who are consumer law specialists in Personal Injury and aviation claims. Paul is responsible for HR, Operations & IT. Driving the business for growth and to achieve annual financial objectives whilst remaining top of the pile for client service.

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