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Managing the Pace of Change

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We live an ever-evolving world, more so when it comes to technology. Progression that used to take years is now delivered in days, meaning that it's never been more important for businesses to adapt and adopt new technology and ways of working quicker than ever before.

Only last week, our friend the Chancellor, announced a change in the Stamp Duty for first time buyers in the budget. The change has far reaching effects across the legal industry and most likely has left a number of legal technology providers scratching their heads as to how they are to develop the new Stamp Duty functionality, test and re-deploy their case management software to their conveyancing law firm customers, overnight. Unless their customers' case management systems are able to immediately accommodate the new Stamp Duty Land Tax calculation, the firms will, in the interim, need to undertake the computation manually. Aside from the inconvenience, this adds a significant administrative burden on the firms with the potential to also impact service delivery and client service.

It's situation like this that bring to light the flexibility and agility that our case management system, Lexis Visualfiles, provides. The toolkit functionality in Visualfiles enables our customers to adopt and implement such changes in a matter of minutes – without the need to go through a full software upgrade. Our customers are among the quickest to react to the ever-changing marketplace, which is key to delivering a superior level of service to their clients. Also, their business operations are not adversely affected in any way.

What does the Stamp Duty change mean, if you are not a Visualfiles customer? Well, aside from the fact that you are not using the industry leading solution in the property market place, you will likely need to wait for changes to be made in the case management system by your supplier. Or perhaps you will need to hastily upgrade the solution as soon as the next release is available from the vendor.

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