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Meet Daniel McGrath, Our New Senior Product Manager

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We are delighted to welcome Daniel McGrath to the LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions fold as Senior Product Manager

With 20 years of experience in the legal IT industry, Daniel McGrath has held roles at both legal vendor organisations and law firms including Peppermint Technology, Laserform International Ltd, Rowlands Field Cunningham LLP, Linder Myers LLP and Freshfield Bruckhaus Deringer.

We are delighted to have Daniel as part of the LexisOne team; and had an informal chat with him to understand what appealed to him about the company and the role.

What attracted you to join the LexisOne team at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions?

In two words – Microsoft and cloud!

LexisNexis has made the pivot into the Microsoft Cloud, which is the way the industry is headed when it comes to business-critical applications. This role offered me a great opportunity to be part of this journey.

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to underpin LexisOne allows LexisNexis ES the agility to bring innovative solutions to market, more quickly than more traditional vendors. Being built on the Microsoft Cloud also brings the advantage of Microsoft's continued multi-billion-dollar investment in the platform.

The company today is well positioned to take advantage of everything that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer and in turn present the solution to the legal market in a way that other vendors can't.

Why do you think working with Microsoft and in the cloud is important?

This capability is incredibly important. Why invest (potentially) millions in hardware that begins depreciating the moment it's bought – and is subject to maintenance and support overheads during its finite lifespan?

Leaving infrastructure and the maintenance and ongoing renewal thereof to the experts, is much more sensible from both financial and scale perspectives. The ability to ‘simply' turn on more resource when it's needed and turn it off when it isn't, gives businesses agility and scale that isn't available in the on-premises world.

Microsoft's whole vision is based around ‘mobile first, cloud first'. Microsoft is investing in their online solutions first; and thereafter, if there's a natural fit or a business imperative, they will consider further developing on-premises applications. This marks a major shift in the industry and a clear signal that for solution providers, delivering applications in the cloud is the only way to go.

How do you perceive your role in the company?

This is an exciting time for LexisOne, which in albeit a short period has already seen success in the market. Nevertheless, it's a relatively new product from a mature business, that is LexisNexis. I envisage using my experience of the legal IT industry to bring maturity and scalability to the product. I'm also working with various teams across the business – such as professional services, delivery and implementation and pre-sales and sales – to streamline processes, messages and the go-to-market strategy.

How are you looking to achieve this goal?

A guiding principle that I've closely followed throughout my career is that technology must make life – in both, its professional and personal guises – easier, simpler and more productive. I believe this approach and endeavour will help me stay focussed and deliver in this role too.

Tell us a bit about yourself – hobbies, likes, dislikes and so on.

I'm a family man, I have two children, so I take on the role of a taxi service on weekends taking them ‘to and fro' between swimming lessons, dance lessons and what have you. As a family, we enjoy the outdoors; and living in Cheadle, a small village between Manchester and Stockport, means that the Peak district is pretty much at our door step. Walking and running are regular recreational pursuits we indulge in. We are also petrol-heads – we follow F1, touring cars MotoGP and practically any form of motor racing. And given a chance, we make a dash for Cornwall, which is possibly our favourite place in the world.

Alongside work, I am also closely involved in helping my wife grow her new, but already flourishing fragrant candles business. I bring my ‘product management' expertise to the business, which has helped us take the activity from a ‘de-stressing' hobby to supplying direct to customers via the website as well as to a handful of retail stockists and subscription-box services – with our sights set squarely on John Lewis. The business is named after our daughters, Sophie, and Lucy – giving us SOLU Home Fragrances.

My pet dislikes? … lack of attention to detail, complacency, and shoddiness – we'll leave it at that!

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About the Author:

Daniel has spent the last 20 years in the Legal IT industry having held roles with vendors and law firms including Freshfield Bruckhaus Deringer, Linder Myers LLP and most recently Peppermint Technology.

Daniel joins the LexisOne product team to help build a mature product organisation that is able to scale to meet the demands of the LexisOne product and its customers.

Outside of work, Daniel has two young daughters who keep him on his toes and employed as a taxi service at the weekend. As a family, we enjoy the outdoors; living close to the Peak district means walking and running are regular recreational pursuits we indulge in. We are also petrol-heads - we follow F1, touring cars MotoGP and practically any form of motor racing.

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