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John Boam Changes Roles – From Client Experience Manager to Solutions Consultant for LexisOne

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In 2015, John Boam joined LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions as Client Experience Manager from top 20 law firm, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co (now Gowling WLG), where he was Finance Systems Manager, responsible for the technical support and development of the practice management and time recording systems in the firm. Recently, he has joined the Sales & Marketing team as Solutions Consultant for LexisOne at LexisNexis.

We ask him what he believes are his biggest accomplishments in his previous role in the company and why this internal move.

What in your view are the biggest highlights in your previous position as Client Experience Manager?

When I joined the company, we were working on version one of LexisOne and my expertise in the financial systems space was a great fit. We spent a lot of time ensuring that the solution was fit for purpose for law firms.

The last two and a half years have been very exciting. We have evolved LexisOne from version one to version two, and transitioned the product on to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform – completely changing its underlying architecture. This move was a good decision, as it allowed us to leverage the standard functionality in the product, but also add developments to provide the additional capabilities that law firms need.

However, the Fieldfisher project is the icing on the cake for me. It was all-consuming and very fulfilling – in my role as Client Experience Manager, I was responsible for user acceptance testing, training the Fieldfisher team on the use of LexisOne, conducting process workshops (the list is endless) – and ultimately taking the product successfully live.

What then triggered the change of role?

Last year, I spent nearly 50 per cent of my time at Fieldfisher and so I got to know the product really well, including the challenges and the nuances that need to be borne in mind when implementing this kind of ERP solution.

I think this was the catalyst for this internal change of roles. With my previous law firm experience, coupled with my understanding of how LexisOne works as a result of the Fieldfisher project, both my superiors and I felt that I was well placed to advise new clients about the benefits of ERP and how to successfully deploy the solution.

I’m looking forward to this phase in my career. It’s a great opportunity to further develop and hone my expertise. This is the great thing about LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions – there are professional growth opportunities within the company.

How do you envisage your new role?

The part of this role that interests me the most is working collaboratively with new clients. The role is consultative in nature – rather than being purely pre-sales focussed. It requires working closely with clients to deliver against their requirements.

I’m very enthusiastic about the product and can see the difference that LexisOne can make at law firms. It can deliver success to them and I want to be part of that success. I have an opportunity to carve a niche for myself in pre-sales and even sales, which includes providing LexisOne to more and more law firms.

Tell us about yourself, outside of work.

I enjoy spending time with my wife and teenage daughter. We also have a dog who I take for walks and go running with.

Additionally, I’m "completely" obsessed with motorcycling – in my spare time, I’m either riding them, rebuilding them or attending advanced training courses.

I can’t tell you my dislikes, but I do often wonder why pensioners go shopping on weekends, when they have the whole week to do so!

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About the Author:

Part of the Sales and Marketing team, John Boam is Solutions Consultant for LexisOne at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions. He works collaboratively with customers and prospects, offering consultancy on how they can best adopt LexisOne to meet their business needs.

Prior to this role, he was Client Experience Team Manager at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions, providing subject matter expertise to the various development streams for introduction of new functionality in LexisOne. John was also heavily involved in the implementation of LexisOne at Fieldfisher. His team supported user acceptance testing, conducting process workshops and training of the Fieldfisher team, including ‘walking the floors’ to provide users assistance during the early months of go-live at the firm.

Previously, John was Finance Systems Manager at Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co (now Gowling WLG) for eight years.

John is a keen motorcyclist and enjoys running to keep fit.

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