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Visualfiles - More than just Workflow

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"Shaun Denham, Visualfiles Client Advisor has produced this unique script 'blog' for Visualfiles users to help them understand the efficiency of workflows within their business. The blog is written in Visualfiles script and even if you are a not a Visualfiles developer, you should be able to follow it. If you would like to see exactly what the script does, you are welcome to also run the script within your Visualfiles system to do this please download the file below. The script is non-invasive so doesn't affect your Visualfiles system in any way."

Download the code

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Shaun Denham is Client Advisor at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions. He has over 25 years’ experience in legal IT and finance and has held a variety of roles including Head of IT at Lupton Fawcett in Leeds. He has also worked at a number of legal software suppliers.

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