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New Joiners Galore – They Talk Legal Sector Experience, LexisNexis and More!

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LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions is on a recruitment drive……we are delighted to welcome four more new joiners to the family – Tina Jones and Michelle Peel, Key Account Managers for Lexis Visualfiles; and Tony Barrett and Ben Read, Business Development Managers for Lexis InterAction.

In the recent spate of recruitment, LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions has not only attracted some of the best professionals in the market, the company has actively made strides towards its diversity goals, including attracting women in senior, client facing positions to the business. Within the last year alone, the company has substantially increased the percentage of women in the business.

It was great chatting to Tina, Michelle, Tony and Ben to learn about their experience and the different approaches they take to their roles. Here’s a summary of our tête-á-tête with them!

What has brought you to LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions?

Michelle Peel: I’m looking forward to working at a FTSE 100 company and promoting a first class best-of-breed case management solution.

Tina Jones: It was time for a change, I did my previous role for 15 years!

Ben Read: I’ve worked in the legal sector for a long time and have formed relationships with peers over the years. During an informal chat, a friend – who is now also a colleague – mentioned the approach that LexisNexis was taking for InterAction and I was sold! Fortunately, this position was open and I jumped at the opportunity.

Tony Barrett: LexisNexis is one of the major players in the legal market and offers a range of solutions that firms can benefit from. Exposure to these other solutions, in addition to InterAction, is a great opportunity for me.

What does your role entail and how do you perceive it?

Michelle Peel: I’m concentrating on my customer base who tend to be in the top 200 law firms, understanding their requirements and helping them use Visualfiles in the best way that they can. Visualfiles is genuinely a modern, forward-looking product that has much to offer firms. Having looked at it now at close quarters, I’m blown away by some of its functionality.

Tina Jones: I’m working with customers to help them make the most of Visualfiles. This includes understanding their business strategy and suggesting approaches that they can take in Visualfiles to achieve both their strategic and tactical goals. I’d also like to help customers to expand the adoption of Visualfiles into other departments so that they can optimise the investment in the system.

Ben Read: I’m focussed on the top 100 law firm segment of the market in the UK. I’m looking forward to taking a thought leadership approach to help clients realise the business benefits that Business Edge can give their firms. Firms are unaware of this specialised suite of business development tools that can be deployed with the core InterAction solution. They are missing a trick!

Tony Barrett: I’m squarely focussed on expanding InterAction’s footprint on the mid-market segment of the legal sector. Many firms today in this segment either don’t have CRM systems or use legacy solutions, which is potentially counterproductive to the cause. Also, many firms wrongly think of CRM as a silver bullet. I’m engaging with clients to help them understand what CRM can do for their business, determine the functionality they need and outline what is possible in InterAction.

Is there a specific approach you are taking to achieve your professional goals in this role?

Michelle Peel: My approach is to do everything I can to help customers maximise the very tangible benefits of Visualfiles. For me, it’s all about meeting and engaging with law firms to enable them to actually see for themselves what Visualfiles can offer their business.

Tina Jones: I’ve done many product demos during my professional life and regardless of how sophisticated and functionality rich the solution is, if it doesn’t help solve the firm’s business problem, the system is irrelevant for them. So, my approach is to investigate what the customers’ pain points are and show how Visualfiles can help overcome them and indeed fulfil their unique business needs.

Ben Read: Education, a consultative approach and relationship building are my mantras.

Tony Barrett: As a result of LexisNexis’ range of solutions, longevity in the sector and market share, the company is a treasure trove of legal sector intelligence and insight. I’m eager to offer this insight to customers to help them see and access best practices that will be beneficial to their business. Often law firms continue with historic ways of working because they don’t have visibility of the newer ways, which perhaps their competitors are taking advantage of.

What do you do outside of work – hobbies, interests, etc.?

Michelle Peel: I have two young children, so they keep me busy. We recently bought a caravan, so as a family we are looking forward to putting it to good use. Socialising with friends with a Vino or two is always a pleasure too.

Tina Jones: I love holidays and (Ahm…occasionally) go to the gym. I have to say though, I do enjoy my work. I was on gardening leave prior to starting this role and it drove me mad!

Ben Read: Anything and everything sporty – football, tennis, cycling, snowboarding, kite surfing – you name it! And I don’t mind a spot of DIY too.

Tony Barrett: I love socialising and building relationships. I also enjoy cycling and the gym.

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